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Blue Sky Limo airport shuttle denver

Today, those reminiscences are irreplaceable which enable it to fill an ebook. As Operations Manager for Jonsson, I hired the program directors for KROY-AM, KROY-FM, and KROI in Sparks, Nevada.

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Mid Season Blowout

What's up Mass Kiters?! Adam from Air Support here just making a small public service announcement to beginners and advanced riders alike. We are having a mid summer sale on all our demo gear. Everything from the trusty slingshot Z to the tenacious RPM. If you want to know more about what we got give us a call or email. Or just come on down and in the mean time lets pray for some mother loving wind!



All hail Johnny D!
That is all

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Who has info about kite boarding being banned on (most?) beaches on the outer Cape?

I saw something about the possibility that they were closing beaches along the outer Cape (possibly all of them)?

Would love some more info on this. I am a lobbyist on Beacon Hill and would love to get involved in figuring out how to stop or at least mitigate it... Slippery slope once they close beaches to that extent to kite boarding!!



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Vancouver Kiteboarding School

Want more than just kite surfing kites’ experience? Join us on one of our adventure kite camps at and let yourself be enchanted by an entirely new dimension of kite surfing dream spots and high wind safety. Discover with us the exoticism of distant lands.

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2013 Round Up

16 on snow, 72 on water.

My favorite spot is Horseneck Beach, got there 10 times this year
Nahant is second, made it there 5 times
Hardings is amazing, 6 sessions there
I drove to North Carolina twice and rode a total of 10 days there.

88 kiting days is a record for me; 2012 brought me 83; 2011, 80; 2010, 81.

This pace keeps me pure and honest.

I appreciate all the kiters who have been there with me to share the beers afterwards. Masskiting is doing it right.

for 2014, I will attempt to break the 90 mark. Wish me luck!

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Lost Board: High Pines, Duxbury

Hey Guys,

I left my 142cm 2011 crazy fly custom at high pines yesterday afternoon. I dont have my name and number on it, but the guys name and number i bought it from last summer is still one it. there is also an american flag and mass kiting sticker on the deck.

I bought the board from a guy in CT last number and I'm pretty sure your on this forum, so if you see this and remember selling your board to me, please reply so that we can be in contact in case someone calls you with the board.

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2012 Round up

This year marked a transition from being self-employed which I know all of you understand to mean I can flex my schedule around the windy days to full-time employment with a boss who wants me there 9 to 6. I was really worried about what it would do to my kitable days, but it hasn't been so bad.

I got 77 water kiting days and 6 snow kiting days.

16 Pleasure Bay days
9 Mayflower
7 Horseneck
7 Nahant

This movie captures the essence of my kiteboarding experience for 2012.

See video
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kiting in offshore winds

I will be the first to tell you it is a blast, in places like Pleasure Bay, Nahant, Katama, but it is fraught with peril. I refused to do it until I had about 5 seasons under my belt, but I am a cautious kiter. Maybe that is because I come to kiting from sailing and windsurfing, where the first concern is whether you will be able to get back to shore. Some kiteboarders come to our sport from snowboarding or wakeboarding, and while there are many parallels, here is the big difference. When skiing, you are in a very controlled environment, patrolled and roped off.

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Took a couple lessons at St. Pete's Beach about 4 years ago. My partner and I live here in Ogunquit Maine with a 3 mile wide beach and are looking forward to getting a handle on this sport and havin' some fun in the sun this summer.
This is the year to GET SERIOUS! I know my partner will be a natural as she is a natural athlete, surfs, and is an awesome wakeboarder. As for myself, we'll see. I have the DESIRE! Currently shopping for the right gear.

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Season Opener at the Precinct

I wanted to thank Kirk, Allan and the Precinct, and Matt with Cisco Brewers for another terrific event. I think it shows that the kite community is tight. We are all good friends and enjoy each other's company on and off the water. Given the nature of our sport, the situations you find yourself in when another kiter can totally save your ass, it seems of paramount importance that we all know and respect each other. And then, when you are out on the water and you master that new trick, your friends cheer you on which makes you try even harder.

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