2012 Round up

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This year marked a transition from being self-employed which I know all of you understand to mean I can flex my schedule around the windy days to full-time employment with a boss who wants me there 9 to 6. I was really worried about what it would do to my kitable days, but it hasn't been so bad.

I got 77 water kiting days and 6 snow kiting days.

16 Pleasure Bay days
9 Mayflower
7 Horseneck
7 Nahant

This movie captures the essence of my kiteboarding experience for 2012.

See video
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Didn't count coz we didn't

Didn't count coz we didn't share any beers after Wink

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Jean, you forgot 1 Plum

Jean, you forgot 1 Plum Island day Smile