equipment failures and kiteloop transitions

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Arrived at Mayflower, just 2 dudes there getting their gear out of the trunk: English guy who doesn't like to help you launch, and Scott, a retired New Yorker living in Orleans. Scott and I launch each other and I lead him over to the slicks near Chapin. I was really nailing some good kiteloop transitions. Felt good as I had been wanting to get those for a while. Some feel very powered, others not. The Best Taboo is a great looping kite.

Then, in mid air, something snaps. Now I am unhooked. I am near the sand spit so a long swim across the lagoon has been avoided. I look down and see that the harness hook has detached from the spreader bar. I have had this spreader bar since 2003, so I guess I have found its shelf life.

This culminates a series of failures this past month: an intake valve on the Taboo 9 delaminates and a deflate valve on the Wainman Gypsy started to leak after it spent a couple of weeks tightly bundled for travel. I wonder if that damaged the valve.

I am just glad the harness hook didn't detach half way to the Apes. I need all of my gear to be solid by the end of April when the Masskiting Masters in Hatteras gets under way. Can't wait till the pig roast!

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When windsurfing, I used to

When windsurfing, I used to replace my universals, booms, any potential weak link in the chain every two years whether I needed to or not. This may be a good practice in kiteboarding as well. Hell, things like spreader bars are short money.

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Having good un-hooked skills is also a preventative safety issue. Knowing what to do instinctively when you are suddenly an unexpectedly un-hooked is quite good. I had a mishap self landing a few days ago and had to run after the kite and catch the chicken loop and then do an un-hooked landing. Without experience riding un-hooked, that kite would have definitely floated down wind into the power lines, no doubt about it.

Perfect kickers on tuesday at Yirrel.

Congrats on the new tricks. I landed my first low kite un-hooked front rolls and hooked front-roll kite loop transitions this week. buttah. Now to add a nose grab and make it even more delicious.

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Also tore the neck seal on my

Also tore the neck seal on my drysuit last month

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Good to hear it didnt end

Good to hear it didnt end worse. I'm throwing my extra spreader bar in my car. This is the second time I've heard about this. Could b a session saver for me or someone else on the beach.

Looking forward to seeing those kiteloop trannies. I'm trying to dial them in and could use some inspiration.

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I always worry about

I always worry about something breaking mid jump. I'm glad you're no worse for wear.

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... and my unhooked skillz

... and my unhooked skillz

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Spreader bar

Crazy that spreader bars can break. Bob's broke as well during our last horseneck session. Glad you were safe.

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We love our gear, but it all

We love our gear, but it all breaks sooner or later. I assume the Brit allowed you to demonstrate your self-rescue skills?