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Hey everybody,

I’ve had my eye on kiting for a long time now, and just recently my friend on the west coast was able to hook me up with some really great prices on full set-up. I’ve been considering taking lessons down in Dennis, MA, but to be honest I cant afford to pay $100/hr. I also have a friend who is willing to take me out and show me the ropes, but he wont be around for another couple of weeks, and the anticipation is killing me…I’m very anxious to get out on the water and was looking for some advice.. I have a lot of wakeboarding/sailing experience so my main concern is learning how operate the kite…

Would anybody be willing to get together this weekend and lend a helping hand…I know it might be a lot to ask, and understand that if it’s a nice day with good winds that none of you are going to want to spend time teaching when you could be out kiting. Again, I’m really looking forward to joining the community and learning how to kite ASAP and would love if somebody was willing to help me out. I live in Boston and grew up in Duxbury so I’m familiar with the areas and kiting beaches and am willing to travel. I am also willing to offer some money or dinner/beers after the session. Again, I have all the gear in my possession so I WILL NOT need to borrow.

If anybody is interested in giving me some help, let me know and we can work something out.

Ted Geldmacher

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Thanks for the response guys,

Thanks for the response guys, I apprreciate it...I know im kinda walking on a fine line here as far as offending some of the more experienced and seasoned riders and finding the cheapest way to get into the sport...i am a college student after all. I was able to get 2010 cabrinha switchblade 12m with lines and bar and a new cabrinha harness for $800 so Im pretty happy/fortunate in that repect. i've deffinatly been urged by most riders I talk to that lessons are important especially for safty purposes so I dont want you to think im discrediting that or overlooking it...I do know how much of a commitment it is and how dangerous it can be. Im and definatly commited to learning, so im really just exploring all options at this point.

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You have to take lessons


You will always find a helping hand or two at the beach, I have myself.

However you need to have the basics first IMO, especially for safety purposes and from this weekend unfortunately beaches open to sun worshipers and Piping Plovers and our playgrounds gets more restricted and less beginner friendly so that's even more important. Also, kiteboading is an expensive sport so if you are not willing to spend a few hundred bucks for lessons it tells me that you may not be committed enough yet and should think about it again.

It is a lot of fun but very demanding in time and money and can be frustrating in the beginning. I've spent over a $1000 in private lessons and $3000 in gear the first year not counting travel expenses and I know for a fact that others have spent much more. At that point you probably only have one kite and one board but as you progress within the year or next year, you will need and want 2 or 3 more kites and another board or two (more if you break or lose gear). If you really can't afford it, think about it twice before making the plunge or be ready to get in debt for it.

See you at the beach.

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Hey Ted, Do you have, or have

Hey Ted,

Do you have, or have you flown, a trainer. It's a baby step but one everyone starts with and also something most people are willing to take 5 minutes and give you the basics on. You can also pick up the progression beginner dvd. Not perfect, not a sub for lessons or real coaching but can help guide you and give you something to work on until your buddy gets here.

Also stay on the forum come out and meet some of the guys on weekends and whenever you are free. Great way to meet people, get some advice, more info, etc.

Anyway that's my 3 cents