Long Island

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I'll be on long island next weekend. Can anyone tell me what the kiting beaches are out there. Also, if anyone else will be there next weekend let me know and we can try to meet up

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Not sure if you've made it to

Not sure if you've made it to Long Island yet or not but if you're near Amityville get in touch with the guys at the New York Kite Center. http://www.bestkiteboarding.com/Best-NYC They are good guys and can let ya know where the spots are at.

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I'm gonna be in Montauk

I'm gonna be in Montauk Thursday-Friday, long distance forecasts say it'll be pretty windy. I've never been before but I'm hoping to kite out in Montauk either on the ocean-side beach around Hither Hills, where I'm staying, or at Napeague Harbor if I can get there. I'd love to hear about these spots from anyone else who's been there.