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Took a couple lessons at St. Pete's Beach about 4 years ago. My partner and I live here in Ogunquit Maine with a 3 mile wide beach and are looking forward to getting a handle on this sport and havin' some fun in the sun this summer.
This is the year to GET SERIOUS! I know my partner will be a natural as she is a natural athlete, surfs, and is an awesome wakeboarder. As for myself, we'll see. I have the DESIRE! Currently shopping for the right gear.

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The desire is a huge part of

The desire is a huge part of this sport. Everyone has to take there lumps and stick it out, but quickly the rewards will come. Having someone to learn with is a big deal. Kite skills are #1. So you are both starting from the beginning. Good used gear will get you through the learning process. (2008+ no "C" Kites)

Good luck and hope to see you on the water.