Shit kiters Say

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Here is what have so far:

You see that guy kook out?
Who wants to do a downwinder?
Watch out for the newbs?
Whats windsurfing?
Should I wear board shorts over my wetsuit Smile
Is the launch sketchy over there

it's gonna pick up, just wait. 

should I use my 8 or 12? 

that session was epic!

where's the beer?
Can you give me a launch?
>> This wind sucks
>> What size are you flying?
>> Where's the flat water?
>> I just saw a shark swimming in the shallows
>> etc...

Sitting on the beach with a group of kiters, absolutely no wind, saying "there should be a front coming through any minute now"

Getting 5ft of air and telling a friend who wasn't there you "got at least 20ft of air"

Someone who keeps saying "load and pop!"

Standing on the beach in 35+mph wind, sand blowing across the beach, having to lean forward to walk upwind and barely able to hold onto your twin tip saying "Hmm... slight breeze out today, maybe I'll put up the 12 meter."

Pumping up the kite on a snow covered beach while it's snowing out and saying "I love these warm summer days"

Yelling at the piping plovers for stealing your beach

Random people walking by asking if its a parachute, paraglider, windsurfer, hang glider, etc. and the kite just replying "Sure..." cuz they are tired of answering the same question.

this is probably the funniest one to me.... "i think it's picking up" is something i've probably heard on the beach 100's of times.

some other ideas:

Can I borrow your pump?

"what size you putting up?"

"did you see me land it?!?"

"can i get a launch?"

"how lit were you?"

"what do you think it's blowing right now?"

"whoa!" (like 5 different types of whoa... oh shit, awesome, ouch, amazement, confused)

"who's got my beer?"

"who wants a beer!?!"

"smackin' da lip!"

"throwing buckets"

"what size is he on?"

"is that the twenty-twelve?"

"where is the wind?"

"liquid sacrifice"

"I have to work tomorrow, so there will be wind"

"i hear there's more wind tomorrow"

"you kiting tomorrow?"

"you get out today?"

"you out yesterday?"

"how was it?"

"at least we got a session in"

"think it'll pick up?"

"how much you buy it for?"

"how wide is it?"

"what's the length on it?"

"double concave?"

"huge rocker"

"where'd you ride yesterday?"

"what was it blowing?"

"i guess the models were wrong"


"think the thermal will kick in?"

"i hear a front is coming later"

"can you see the wind line?"


"riding toeside"

"double overhead"

"see ya on the water"

"is it blinking?" (gopro)

"you see that kiteloop?"

"loop it!!"

"you suck!!"

"I didn't see it"

"survival kiting"


"point it"

"point it downwind"

"let go of the bar!"

"unhook!" or "railey!"



"butter flat"

"you see that kook-out?"

"I totally kooked out"

"total newb"

"epic session!"

"i think i heard a snap"

"I think i broke a rib"

"oh my head..."

"ahh my balls!"

"i was totally depowered"

"it was nuking"

"i was underpowered"

"i was totally juiced up"

"you gotta load and pop!"

"send it!"



"you see me launch over the sandbar?"


"so stoked"

"walk of shame"

"you gotta throw the grab in there"

"I was on the swim team today"

"I'm gonna pump up"

"it's blowing"

"here it comes"

"watch my lines!"

"whitecaps everywhere"

"that's too big"
"rig bigger, it's going to die"
"that's too small"
"rig smaller, it's totally building"
"is that a 10? Looks like a 12"
"your 11 looks like a 14"
"I made this board myself"
"plywood and straps. Way better than a jimmy lewis"
"SUPping is fad"
"I'm going to get a SUP"
"can I kite with a SUP?"
"I can kite with my SUP"
"SUPs are for kooks"
"what a kook"
youre a look
Windsurfers are kooks
That guy is a kook
wow, I can keep going. Let me know if you need ideas (fin size, quad vs thruster, strapped vs strappleas, lightwind jokes, etc)

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my kite just 'hindenburged'

my kite just 'hindenburged'

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Don't forget

"It's supposed to build"

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Shit kiters say

"I'm just going over the bridge"

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"dog was on"

"dog was on"

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I think keep the clips very

I think keep the clips very short and choppy so you don't lose the attention of the ADD people:)