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BVI Charter

Hi Everyone,

I'm starting a week long sail around the BVI's tomorrow - starting at Peter Island & working our way counter clockwise.  Skippering a cat with some friends.  

Was wondering if anyone had any advice on kiting spots along the way.  Brought my twin tip and foil.



BVI Charter


I just got back from a trip in April which had good winds all week.   Bitter End Yacht Club in Virgin gorda has a beach where you can launch with your own gear.  The crew at the school was very open to letting experienced kiters use the beach to launch and they have caribiners in the water for self launch.  This spot is good in NE, E, SE.

If you can squeeze Anegada into the trip there is Epic kiting on the North side if the wind is NE, E will be side or side on.  Kite school at Anegada beach club.  You'll need to taxi or get rent a jeep for the day which we did for $80.

Another spot if it's NE, E is Sandy Cay on Jost Van Dyke. Throw the hook in the lee of Sandy Cay dingy into the beach and launch.

Hopefully the wind cooperates.

Have fun.





Kiting at Carib Kiteboarding and Anegada

Hey! I was in the BVIs the week before you- I just got back Monday. Here’s my 2 cents…

My favorite spot is the reef directly in front of Saba Rock and Bitter End Yacht Club on the North Sound.

If you make it here I highly recommend finding Scott (who owns Carib Kiteboarding) or Stich (who works for Carib Kiteboarding) they’re both awesome guys and have an ideal launch and anchor spot directly in front of their school at BEYC. They’ll also give you a great lay of the land.

Here is Scott’s cell #, website, and email:


Kiting at Anegada is highly recommended if you make it out there.

I hope this information helps.




For all the water there is a huge deficits of launches.  Private beaches, coast with no beaches, sharp coral make it hard.  

Definitely figure out your drift launch from either the dinghy or the cat.  Don't let the lack of land launches hold you back...