i would need help to find a kiteboarding spot

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i would need help to find a kiteboarding spot

hi i am from austria (lake neusiedl near of vienna http://heimo.photoshelter.com/image/I0000TnSBSiuHMPc)


i would like to make holiday round NY and bosten in Summertime (july or august)


i can only afford one holiday per summer and therefore i would like to use this trip also for kitesurfing. i have only 10 days time for kitesurfeing that means i am looking for a spot where i have than at least 5-6 Days wind. i have a kiterange from 8 to 16m (best TS) and i am 86kg heavy. i have also fun with 10-13kn (11,5 - 15mph)


my daugther is starting now kiteboarding (11 years old) - would be nice if the condition are for her also good.

i can ride with gusty wind and choppy water also but it makes more dificult for my daughter 


for us is better every day light wind (about 13 mph) than strong wind but onle 30% of the days.

infrastructure on the beach would be nice also (toiletts f.e.) and nice hotels should be next to.


Could someone help me (spot on cape cod or hamptons)? 


ps: sorry for my english


my homespot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgjwVGDIyi0



Cape Cod is a great place, but also very busy in the summer months. The wind in the summer is generally a thermal S/SW wind, so the south and west shores of Cape Cod will be the only places to kite reasoably. Also, the islands Marthas Vineyard and Nantucket offer very nice kiting spots. If I had my choice, I would head to Marthas Vineyard, there are many great ktiing spot on the island- you can find these spots on this web site. The wind (as long as we have the typical sea breeze) is usually very good at most of the sites on the Vineyard-. 12-18 knots. You will need a car (or boat) on Marthas Vineyard to get to the nice spots.

Happy to give you more local infor on the area, have sailed and recently kited here for my entire life. chipjohns1@gmail.com




Our summer winds are not very

Our summer winds are not very reliable, and beginner spots are hard to come by unless you have access to a motor boat.


what means not reliable? no

what means not reliable? no wind or weak wind. i have a 16m kite and big board (145x44) - i can do unhooked also with 10-12kt (11-14 mph)


is in Corn hill beach more wind? or on Martha's vineyard?

Light wind kiting abounds,

Light wind kiting abounds, Corn Hill is good.  Martha's Vineyard is difficult if you don't have a boat or a 4X4 or access to private beaches.