National Seashore Kiting

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National Seashore Kiting

I'm thinking of blowing off work on Friday and heading to the cape. Right now, forcast is SE.

What's the skinny now on National Seasore kiting? Where is the spot it's allowed, and are there any restrictions currently?




Approximately 1¾ miles of beach between the north end of the lifeguard-monitored section of Coast Guard Beach and a point north of the lifeguard-monitored section of Nauset Light Beach.


A corridor of town-owned land at Duck Harbor Beach that extends offshore through the extent of the quarter-mile jurisdiction of the Cape Cod National Seashore.

Wellfleet is on the bay side,

Wellfleet is on the bay side, wouldn't be good in a SE and you might as well kite FE.

Is there swell from the east? you could launch from Hardings.  big tack upwind to the cut but it'd be fun once you got there.

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Hi Jean

Dort, you would either park at Coast Guard beach and walk north past the big sign designating the kitesurfing area to the north, or park at Nauset Light beach and walk south away from any people and kite south towards CG. Please respect these boundaries, the public, and National Seashore staff as we just got access back here following a lengthy & expensive legal process and the situation remains very precarious.

Of course. Respect for these

Of course. Respect for these rules = respect for your tremendous efforts.

Thanks for the info!