A reality show about Masskiting

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A reality show about Masskiting

Years ago I pitched the idea of making a TV show about our shenanigans.  I never managed to get any interest.  We have recently been approached by a producer out of LA who would like to pitch our kite community as the subject of a new reality show.  His credits include Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory.  He will be looking to cast some people, probably start with some interviews.  Thoughts?

Sure, why not?

As long as I'm referred to as C-dawg. Let me know when so I can get my hair extentions put on for a rat tail. 

I look forward to seeing it on TV

Best of luck to those "chossen" to appear in the show.

Yeah :D. Also as a benchmark

Yeah :D. Also as a benchmark for the chosen ones - you may wanna do better than Jesse :D https://vimeo.com/197960082

Wow!!!!!     we have to be as

Wow!!!!!     we have to be as interesting as a pack of botox airheads from NJ.....

This sounds like it'd be a lot of fun

Except, what they'd want to do is highlight the rediculousness, which would bring kiting in a bad light.. So I'd tread very very carefully.

I haven't really talked much

I haven't really talked much with the guy, but they are almost more interested in the other aspects like our community-ness, dealing with plovers, beach closures, people who are trying to dominate the world jumping charts, how we are charity-minded, and in general that addiction that we all have and how we cope with it in real life.  At no point would I want this to be like old Mk videos where we are drunk and doing stupid shit.  That's fun, but we've evolved, and we have a cool story.  They want evolving story lines.

- K T H X B Y E P Z -

Not looking to be cast

but always looking to shine a spotlight on the National Seashore kiteboarding ban and the absurdities of their claims if you'd consider including my ongoing crusade to get more access back for one of your storylines. You have to agree that kiters & MK going up against the NPS & the Feds- and winning- is pretty bad ass.

Yeah holly, that storyline is

Yeah holly, that storyline is definitely epic.


This is interesting

It would be cool to see if this show would inspire other kiting communities to grown and develop like ours has.  Would the show be taking more of a drama/deadliest catch angle?  If they could get multiple seasons off of wicked tuna and a spin off then I am sure we are more than enough material for them. 

Our shared addiction to the wind will at least make for some entertainment as families stare at the TV and wonder how we can always justify dropping everything to go kiting.  The Mass Kiting OBX trip would make for a perfect season conclusion.


Instead of Jersey Shore we can call it national seashore, or deadliest boost.