Duxbury beach

Duxbury Beach is a large area with a few different places to kite.  The oceanside can be kited with East winds and can get some swell.  Most people kite at the High Pines area, which you need a sticker to get to.  This area is a large bay with a muddy/silty bottom that can be ridden in many directions.  It is a nice place to kite that mostly locals go to because of the expensive parking sticker price.

<p>Please buy a parking sticker to help support the local beach staff. VERY limited free parking. Parking in the main lot is $10.<br /> Stickers:<br /> Residents $150<br /> Non-residents $275</p>
<p>Duxbury Beach is at the end of&nbsp;Powder Point Ave. &nbsp;Got down the dirt road to the right over a mile to the High Pines area. &nbsp;You need a town permit to get there.</p>
Launch Information: 
<p>The best places to launch are on the ocean side (winds with East in them) or by the High Pines area, which is about a mile south of the Powder Point bridge (for SW winds). &nbsp;This location requires a Town of Duxbury sticker for year round access. &nbsp;Please respect this rule and buy a sticker if you plan on kiting here.</p> <div>DO NOT launch where windsurfers do on the Duxbury side of the Powder Point Bridge.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>Please do not kite from the far side of the Powder Point bridge. &nbsp;As appealing as it may be, you are too close to other people, the parking lot, and the bridge... too much can go wrong.</div>
Best Direction: 
Good Directions: 
S & W
Bad Directions: 
Directions like NW or N are very gusty and not recommended.
Rules and Restrictions: 
<p>Please respect the Harbormaster.&nbsp;<br /> Do not launch or kite in crowded areas.<br /> Stay away from the bridge.<br /> Kiters are not supposed to launch from the windsurfing beach.<br /> Please buy a parking sticker to help support the local beach staff. (781) 934-0991‎</p> <p><a class="ext" href="http://www.town.duxbury.ma.us/public_documents/duxburyma_btpermits/index" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; text-decoration: none; color: rgb(102, 154, 204);" target="_blank" title="http://www.town.duxbury.ma.us/public_documents/duxburyma_btpermits/index">http://www.town.duxbury.ma.us/public_documents/duxburyma_btpermits/index</a></p>
The Powder Point bridge. There are many sharp clams in the bay that can cut your feet. Kiting in West and NW winds in the bay is dangerous.
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