First Encounter Beach

First Encounter is a beautiful beach on the bay with shallow water and plenty of space make for a great learning area.  Kiteboarders are lucky to have their own designated kite launch area, which is farther away from the main beach.  A huge area of this beach is technically the swim zone, which we are not allowed to kite in.  So make note of where the buoys are and do not kite around bathers or even people walking out towards the waters at low tides.

No kiting in the river during the Summer.

<p>$15/day in season.</p>
<p>End of Samoset Rd, Orleans, Massachusetts</p> <p>Please drive past the parking lot to the&nbsp;end of the road. &nbsp;The kiteboarding launch area is to the West at the end of the road.</p>
Launch Information: 
<p>There is a small kiteboarding launch area south of the main beach. &nbsp;Drive to the end of the road and park there. &nbsp;There is a sign with a map.</p>
Best Direction: 
Anything with West in it
Bad Directions: 
Anything with an East in it.
Rules and Restrictions: 
<p></p> <p>RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR KITE BOARDING/WINDSURFING</p> <ol> <li>No kites/equipment are allowed to be unattended on the beach or in the water.</li> <li>Kite boarders/windsurfers must set-up and launch from the designated area (Identified by signage on beach).</li> <li>Kite boarders/windsurfers in the water must stay 200 feet beyond the inner buoy at all times when not launching or returning to launch area.</li> <li>No KiteBoarding/Windsurfing on Bees River from June 15 to Labor Day.</li> <li>No Kite Boarders/Windsurfers are allowed near people or within restricted areas.</li> <li>All Kite boarders/windsurfers must identify themselves at the Gate House. They will subsequently be directed to the appropriate area and given written regulations.</li> <li>No rigging is allowed nor shall occur within the dunes at any beach, or in the parking area.</li> <li>Kite boarders/windsurfers must yield to beach-goers and swimmers.</li> </ol>
Watch out for oyster beds to the south in mid-tides.
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