Long Beach, Nahant

Long Beach at Nahant is a great place to ride Northeast and East winds. It's also a great place to ride/surf waves when there are Northeast/East swells. The beach is over a mile and a half long and very shallow at low tide. The fine sand is hard enough to go landboarding, one of the best landboarding spots in the area. Watch out for gusts when on the beach and launching because of the parking lot and roadway.

Parking lot can fit up to 1000 cars. $5 per car in summer. Free by the Tides but they ticket non-patrons. Free parking off season.
Long beach runs the entire length of the causeway between Lynn and Nahant. Nahant Road. You can access from the Lynn side right at the rotary, or by the Tides restaurant.
Launch Information: 
You can basically launch anywhere off the parking lot. In the summer, do not launch around any lifeguards or crowds, go north beyond the last chair.
Best Direction: 
Good Directions: 
NE, E Offshore: SW, W, NW
Rules and Restrictions: 
Please do not kite here during the day in the summer when it is busy. After 6pm only. DO NOT KITE AROUND BATHERS. Quickest way for someone to complain and for the police to ask you to leave.
Please use extreme caution when kiting in off-shore winds. Do not kite offshore alone. Know your gear, do not kite offshore with un-trusted gear.
Main Image: 
Somehow that photo does not

Somehow that photo does not scream "Long Beach!" to me....