Pleasure Bay

You can't get better than this spot, located right in Boston.  World class butter flat lagoon is a dream to ride on.  Throw your best trick in the "TD Zone" and listen to the crowds cheer.  Pleasure Bay is for ADVANCED RIDERS ONLY. Beginners should not kite here. Absolutely no lessons.  Kiters must be able to stay upwind and know right-of-way.


<p>Free parking in the lot at the south end of lagoon, or along the street.</p>
<p>&nbsp;</p> <h1>42°20'01.1"N 71°01'20.7"W</h1>
Launch Information: 
<p>Launch is from the southwest corner of the lagoon. If launching outside, mind the sharp rocks that line the waters edge. If launching into the lagoon (after 6PM in season), be mindful you are launching in a windshadow with offshore winds.</p>
Best Direction: 
SW & S
Good Directions: 
Bad Directions: 
Please only kite here in SW, S, SE winds. WSW gets gusty and you can only fit a few kiters in the area with this direction.
Rules and Restrictions: 
<p>Protect our unique kite spot. Follow the rules and be safe: don't risk injuring yourself or anyone else. Before your first session at PB, spend one windy day at the beach just watching and talking to people. &nbsp;</p> <p>Pleasure Bay is for ADVANCED RIDERS ONLY. Beginners should not kite here. Kiters must be able to stay upwind and know right-of-way.</p> <p>1) New to kiteboarding here? Introduce yourself to a local before you launch.<br /> 2) During the Summer, NO kiteboarding within P-Bay lagoon before 6pm (while Lifeguards are present). Kited is permitted outside the lagoon before 6PM, however, the area is crowded with moored boats and requires some skill to get clear into the bay.<br /> 3) Please only kite in these wind directions: South West, South, South East.<br /> 4) Do not kite or jump around bathers.<br /> Right of Way: Starboard tack has right of way. Starboard tack = right arm is front arm = kiters leaving the launch area. Jumping kiters give up right of way.<br /> 5) Assisted launching and landing is recommended.<br /> 6) Respect other kiteboarders and beach goers. When not kiting, wind up lines and stack kites so others have room to launch, land and walk.<br /> 7) When not on the water, please do not stand on the beach with your kite in the air.<br /> 8.) Stay away from the sailing club. Do not land your kite in that area. Self rescue in the water instead of self landing near powerlines, the road, or beachgoers.</p>
Unpredictable winds. Offshore launch. Beach goers. Some rocks in the launch area. The launch at PB is unique and for intermediate and advaced kiters. Kiters launch on the south side of the lagoon by the parking lot in a directly offshore wind (safe only because PB is an enclosed lagoon). The launch is often crowded at peak season with both kiters and beach goers, and the winds are often gusty and unpredictable due to the parking lot and nearby trees. Always help another launch or land before attempting to get a launch for yourself. Lagoon launches are often hot launches, as the launch is in the wind shadow (use your center lines).
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