Revere Beach

Revere is a long beach which is greatly affected by the tide, at low tide the beach extends far out from land there is hard packed sand, also good for landboarding or buggying. Great for beginners to experts. Winds tend to vary 10-20mph. South and SSW is the best direction. SSE is excellent. E brings good waves, but directly onshore.  N and NE are great with waves. NW winds are gusty and inconsistent stay away from this spot in those conditions. The water is choppy at high tide.  Low tide brings flatter water and smaller waves.  At low tide it is very shallow a ways out and is good for beginners.

Free parking on the road next to the beach
Revere Beach Boulevard <p>From 1A in Revere take Revere Beach exit just after Bell Circle onto Beach Street. Take Beach Street 1 mile to Revere Beach proceed to left on Ocean Ave to pick up Revere Beach Boulevard and follow Boulevard (runs parallel to beach) to the north side to Fiesta House as the unofficial designated kite spot.</p>
Launch Information: 
Best place to launch is by the Dunkin Donuts.
Best Direction: 
S & SE
Good Directions: 
SW, E, NE, N
Bad Directions: 
Winds with a lot of West in them are offshore and gusty.
Rules and Restrictions: 
Please use common sense. Give room to beachgoers and do not kite near people in the water. Please stay away from lifeguarded areas. Stay away from the piping plover habitats which are north of the nearby bathhouse on the beach. NO WALKING with your kite in the air around the enclosed plover nesting areas. Please do not kite within 150 yards of the plover nesting area and the sand dunes! Lets all be responsible kiters and self police ourselves and STAY AHEAD of any perceived threats that our presence may cause. Body drag out into the water and DO NOT kite around bathers. The police will stop you for this. At no point should the police ever have to stop to tell you to stop doing something. A note from Local Instructor Dave "Skipper" Dyer The Mass Audubon Society and the Mass Environmental and Conservation Foundations are being proactive to restore the dunes and roping off sections for the Plovers during nesting season. So far there are no restrictions, but help us preserve the ability t kite here! People from the Audubon Society, New England Aquarium and the Mass Environmental Police will have a daily presence observing the PLOVER nesting AREA. THIS means that we are to be PROACTIVE ON OUR OWN and must self-police ourselves by demonstrating restraint in kiting near those areas. THAT MEANS NO WALKING WITH YOUR KITE IN THE AIR IN THAT AREA. PLEASE DON'T KITE WITHIN 150 YARDS OF THE PLOVER NESTING AREA AND THE SAND DUNES! LETS ALL BE RESPONSIBLE KITERS and SELF POLICE OURSELVES and STAY AHEAD of any perceived THREATS that our presence may CAUSE. We are asking all of you to NOT KITE in front of the FIESTA HOUSE but in front of DUNKIN DONUTS TO JUST A FEW HUNDRED YARDS PAST THE NORTHERN BATHHOUSE. Lets all keep it closed to ourselves as a matter of being proactive to the situation.
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