Waquoit Bay

Waquoit Bay is an enclosed bay that is very shallow in parts. Although the beaches face West and NW, it is best flown in South and SW winds. Its shallow flat water is great for beginners to practice as well as experenced kiters. The winds can be gusty, and typically blow a few mph less than other South facing beaches on the Cape. The road down to the parking lots is very rough and may require either 4WD vehicals or ones with high ground clearence. The two parking lots are small, and can only fit a few cars. Carpooling in the summer is highly encouraged. The Bay in the summer can get congested with motor boats and kiters.

<p>There are 2 parking lots, both fit less than 10 cars. The parking is free. &nbsp;Get there early on nice days. &nbsp;Do not leave valuables in the car.</p>
<p>181-199 Wills Work Road</p>
Launch Information: 
<p>There are 2 launch areas, located near each parking lot. Both have small sections of beach to launch from, so launch the kite from the water whenever possible. The launch area near the 1st parking area is lined with trees. The second area has less trees and more room to launch, the water is very shallow for a ways out. If possible, walk away from beach goers across the mouth of the pond and setup/launch on the beach that faces NW.</p>
Best Direction: 
Good Directions: 
Bad Directions: 
Directions with North
Rules and Restrictions: 
<p>Taken from a sign a local group put up. Please follow and respect these rules.</p> <ol> <li>Quick crossing of the marked boat channel permitted, but kiting in it or around boats prohibited.</li> <li>The boat channel extends the entire length of the spit of land with osprey nest out to the last bouy.</li> <li>DO NOT launch kite near beachgoers.</li> <li>DO NOT fly kite directly over beachgoers.</li> </ol>
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