West Dennis Beach

West Dennis Beach in West Dennis, Massachusetts on Cape Cod is a great spot however during summer months the piping plovers reserve the beach. Access is limited to a small launch and options are not available to walk back up wind. But if you are friendly, courteous, and willing help keep the beach open then its a great spot. But the kiters will lay down the rules because the bird people are in the dunes waiting to see us even come close. Then the beach will close permanently!

Usually the water is a bit choppy if it's blowing good but can be flat also. Low tide the water is only 1-3ft deep by the Jetty. The water is shallow at low to medium tide, up to a half mile out, you still can be waist deep at low tide. When the wind blows over 25 knts, you get a 2-4 foot chop in the sound.

<p>From Memorial Day to Labor Day there is a parking fee.</p> <p>M-F $20<br /> Weekend $25</p> <p><a class="ext" href="http://www.town.dennis.ma.us/Pages/DennisMA_Beach/stickerfee" target="_blank" title="http://www.town.dennis.ma.us/Pages/DennisMA_Beach/stickerfee">http://www.town.dennis.ma.us/Pages/DennisMA_Beach/stickerfee</a></p>
<p>Lighthouse Road, West Dennis. &nbsp;</p> <p>To get to&nbsp;West Dennis Beach in Dennis, Cape Cod, Massachusetts:<br /> Take Route 6E to exit 8 (Union Street). Take right at end of off ramp and follow Union Street till end at intersection of Route 28. Take left onto Route 28 and cross over the Bass River Bridge. Take right at Ken's Auto Body onto School Street and follow until road bends to the left. Take right onto Lighthouse Road and follow to end. Through the rotary is West Dennis Beach.</p>
Launch Information: 
<p>During summer months while Plovers are in the dunes we need to start launching at the Jetty End of West Dennis Beach. We also have to Stay 150 yards off the beach while ridding! Set up close to the Jetty by the mouth of Bass River Launch and get off shore as quickly as possible don’t hang around with your kite in the air. Land at the same spot. Signal for someone to catch your kite, come in when you have a catcher ready. DO NOT FLY IN THE NO FLY ZONE, marked by small buoys 150 yards off shore. If you Cannot stay up wind of the no Fly Zone you have two options: 1. Do a down winder to South Village Beach, or beyond 2. Land your kite in the water outside the No fly Zone and do a self-rescue back to the beach and WALK your gear back up to the launch area. You cannot launch or land away from the Jetty as those areas are reserved for beach goers and the buoys are there to mark an area reserved for plovers so you cannot have you kite in the air. That means you have a very small place where the town has allowed kiting in which we all share.</p> <p>During the season there is only 1 launch point Memorial Day to Labor Day which is located towards the end of the beach at the jetty. Off-season kitesurfers may launch anywhere West of Chair 11 but not East of it. The windsurfing area is at Chair 9. During peak season respect other beach goers as crowds can become large. Kites are not to mix with beach goers and the town has thankfully given us our own area. During the off season when the beaches are empty you can get away with launching in other areas. When the plovers are there the parking lot will have concrete blocks to keep cars from driving out all the way to the Jetty and launch. You must park and walk as the Jetty is the only place we are allowed to be.</p> <p>If you cannot launch and land from this small spot by Jetty, stay up wind, and not ever bring your kite back to land away from the land zone then Don’t kite at West Dennis Beach.</p>
Best Direction: 
Good Directions: 
Bad Directions: 
Anything with North winds. West winds can be very gusty.
Rules and Restrictions: 
<p>You CANNOT walk with your kite in the air back upwind during plover season!<br /> Also during the weekend the launch area can become overly crowded with kiters so make sure you wrap your lines or fold up any extra kites you may have been using earlier in the day. The water is shallow so watch your landings if your jumping also please don't jump closer than 100 feet from the shoreline. The River is out of Bounds as far as kiting goes. You can cross the channel outside the river, just be careful as there can be boat traffic do not stay in their marked lane. If you end up downwind either keep going to South Village or self rescue. To recap you CANNOT have your kite in the air on the beach except at the launch spot during plovers season. Yes a few beach goers are paid to sit in the dunes and watch!&nbsp;The "pond" is off limits from Memorial Day to Labor Day</p>
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