CC National Seashore Leadership Change

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CC National Seashore Leadership Change
Congratualtions George!  

Congratualtions George!  

Holly Kuhn for Superintendent

Holly Kuhn for Superintendent!



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I'm with Dunoyer, we could

I'm with Dunoyer, we could use some one on the inside and who better than Holly.

Most Likely Candidate Will come from within parks service

The likely candidate for the job will come from within the national parks service.  It will probably be someone who has a similar role with a smaller scope of responsiblity or a subordinate role with a larger scope of responsibility.  In the interim, if a new superintendent doesn't start right away, I would guess that the deputy superintendent, Kathy Tevyaw,  would be running the show.  Does any one know anything about her?  I just pulled the name off the NPS site for the seashore.

kind of fun to speculate in

kind of fun to speculate in light of this article in latest Men's Journal...

superintendents with a lack of accountability, engaging in innaproprate behavior, forced into early retirement... hmm...

unfortunately the article isn't very points to a slow-to-change old boys club management/admin culture, lack of funding and a new president need to say anthing more.

it'll be interesting to see how this plays out for us.