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Covering the meeting on 10.26.16 regarding the NPS ban on the National Seashore.  With video!  Hi Phil! Hi Holly!


I love when writers try to describe kiting to lay-people... "kitesurfing is the use of a 15-foot-wide kite, bent to about 10 feet in the wind,"

I love that one

"To me, you have to consider wants and needs and how important is it to perform a sport at the detriment of a species.”

If only government, town and city officials would think that way all across the board to protect beaches from being constantly attacked by real estate developments and privatization. Yet everywhere they continue to build along coastal lands which keep getting destroyed storm after storm and bailed out by FIMA. 

If only we were thinking like this and banning the importation of palm oil and the sale of products containing palm oil to save the orangutans in Indonesia.

If only we were banning the sale of new cell phones to protect slave children miners from dying in Congo mines extracting precious coltan metal being used in every phone.

Then of course we have no problem desecrating Sioux land in Oklahoma for the benefit of some greedy oil companies, yet we worry that maybe a silent flying object may scare of a protected bird.

I do not trust that protecting the birds is the true reason behind the argument neither do I believe kites from afar are scaring them off.

While protecting conservation area is important, if nobody can enjoy these lands in a non-destructive manner, there is no point. It is obvious that allowing ATV's on these protected beaches would be a bad idea but most if not all silent sport enthusiasts are nature lovers not leaving traces behind through their activities.

It goes on with “Why should we try to help them get used to us? ... We're just really trying to help them survive,”. Well, in that case why do people continue to exterminate raccoons and ferrets who try to survive getting into our home's attics? It may be a well intention comment, yet so hypocritical, double standard and completely baseless. If we follow that reasoning everybody should move out of the Cape and let it become completely wild again then the birds will have all the space they need to lay their eggs.



My personal favorite quote is

My personal favorite quote is from Lisa:  “We’re not bothering anyone,” she said. “We’ve never killed a bird. Maybe they just feel like they want to fly with us.”  When we are kiting out there, we are as close as humankind can get to being a shore bird.

This is a great new argument!

This is a great new argument!: How are we supposed to know what the BIRDS want unless they send us kiters out there to ask them? :)