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Apparently we have been setting up in the Wrong Area of Chapin Beach for ever.

While I understand we have been told to rig to the right as you get to the beach, this is not correct.  We are to only set up to the LEFT of the rock pile at the end of the road.

This may (probably will) be an issue for us durring plover season as we cannot launch on the left durring plover season....

SO............Please if you are going to kite at Chapin, rig  to the left as you get to the beach.  

Alsp PLEASE inform others of this.  - Our existance at Chapin is tentative at best right now- and we dont want any issues that cojuld result in a 100% ban on kiting at Chapin- 

People will want to argue with you if you tell them they need to set up to the left- Please inform then of a $100 fine and instant removeal for rigging to the right-  

Thanks Phil!

Thanks Phil!

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What promted the fact that

What promted the fact that our existance at Chapin is tentative? Seems everybody has been enjoying it for years without big stories (at leat that I am aware of).


This goes to the "look the

This goes to the "look the other way": policy that the town has taken on Chapin for many many years that has become habituated and thus belived to be "allowed by rule"
technically we are not allowed to kite/windsurf at Chapin (or anywhere else in Dennis other than West dennis).

With windsurfing you don't see the huge space taking on the beach as you do with kiters. People are generally not in fear of getting hit with a Sail, Have lines drapped over their family or otherwise felt like they have to move.  This is not so with kiteboarding. If you sit back and watch on a busy day at Chapin for kiting it looks like and sometimes is chaos. 
Like it or not we take up a huge footprint as compareed to a family of 4 and thier umbrella and we need to understandt the responsiblity that goes with that.
I am hoping that we can be moved to the East End of the beach away from Plovers and people as much as possible. This beach may be the most difficult and may become a pre/after season only beach sorry to say as the plovers are to the left and people to the right. (stuck in the middle with you).

More to come.

So what about the over sand

So what about the over sand vehicles? 

Oversand seems pretty much

Oversand seems pretty much done over at Chapin-  Errosion and piping plovers

Beach Info should be updated

This should be updated.


I hesitate to update it more

I hesitate to update it more than it is now for a few reasons.  But mainly because this is a "rule" for the Summer season with lifeguards. We will definately update it in the Spring for the Summer rules.

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The issue I have seen at

The issue I have seen at Chapin is how difficult it is to launch and land at high tide when there is no beach.  And then at low tide the rocks are wicked sharp - booties required.