Do you find hard picking your next kite?

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Do you find hard picking your next kite?

Assuming you are not married with a particular brand, do you find hard to choose a kite based on paper specs or what your friends ride?

Let's face it, what we can test locally is very limited compared to the very large choice the market has to offer, I'm surprised that so many kite brands still survive in this crazy competitive market. It's even worst in Europe as they have European brands that are not even distributed in North America. Every time I seem to know what I want next I see something else that might do it too.

The way I do it is to demo a

The way I do it is to demo a  lot of different kites.  I remember Best Kiteboarding had a policy of being able to return the kite within 30 days for any reason, as a way to try it out.  I do not know how many companies do this. This is such a new sport that the design improvement are so rapid that any kite 5 years or older is pretty obsolete.

Like JD said, just demo lots

Like JD said, just demo lots of kites.  It's a little like trying on shoes, you'll know when the right kite feels right.  Btw, you're welcome to try mine anytime you like ;)  

Check out Switch Kites. If I remember correctly Jay in NH is a team rider and can set up a demo for you.  I hear lots of great things about them and the price point is way below most.  When it's time to retire mine, I'll give those a try.   

Yeah...the "where to demo"

Yeah...the "where to demo" question has always been tough for me. It has led me to stick with Best (which i still like) only because I know their products, not necessarily because there isn't something that would suit me better.

It would be nice if there was a place on mk that listed contact info for shop and reps by brand.

I took a chance on my BRM cloud, but I at least got Greg at BRM to connect me with a local user before I pulled the trigger. This proved to be a good buy, but it could have gone other way.

dejavu? :P

dejavu? :P

- K T H X B Y E P Z -

We're so demanding aren't we?

We're so demanding aren't we? Either complaining about the wind, or complaining about the site ;)

Not so hard. We all know each

Not so hard. We all know each other at the local beaches. Just ask politely to switch up with your buddies. Reading up can sort out the type of kite that matches your rider profile and so lets you narrow it down a bit. Sure, not every brand is represented well everywhere but as you mentioned, if you are not married to a specific brand, keep an open mind. Testing at your local beaches also assures that you test in the conditions you will be riding in. Many leading brands make good kites, test a few and go with what feels right. It's fun to feel how other kites fly.

I have 3 Liquid Force kites

I have 3 Liquid Force kites (7, 9 and 16 m) and though they are old 2009 and 2011 I still do like them. They are very good quality kites at reasonable price points, especially at season's end usually 30% discounted.

For that reason I'm leaning towards the all new 2017 NV 12m to replace my Cabrinha Crossbow 13m which I could buy without needing a new bar since the old ones I own are compatible. I would prefer trying it before just to be sure because apparently they fly very differently than my older kites but very few people in the area ride LF, let alone a brand new one. There are no dealers in New England, the closest are in NY.


I am happy to let people try

I am happy to let people try my North and Cabrinha Kites for those looking to get some new gear.
I dont have the resouces to have tons of demo kites available all the time, but I do what I can. 

Just ask!