Drysuit/hood question

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Drysuit/hood question

Just curious if any of you engineering minded folks have a solution/fix for this : I have a good drysuit plus and old hood (with zipper) that I use with it (always put on after the drysuit), but there is a gap (no zipper on the drysuit) between the two where water sometimes seeps in when/if I fall...am trying to think of ways to create a barrier here...any thoughts or advice much appreciated!

A picture is worth a thousand

A picture is worth a thousand words

I usually wear a bennie with

I usually wear a bennie with my drysuit and I am plenty warm. I have used my wetsuit hood on really cold days also and have had no issues.

Most imprtant is that the neck seal is flush with skin so you have a proper seal. I just pull down hood and tuck the bottom over neck gasket and under collar and all is good, any water that gets in that overlap area just flushes away without issue.

Thanks Matt!

Thanks Matt!

I second Matt's

I second Matt's recommendation. Rarely if ever do I wear more than a beanie.  

Classic drysuit looks: