Etiquette, Being helpful, taking criticism.. Awesome MK'rs

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Etiquette, Being helpful, taking criticism.. Awesome MK'rs

Hello All, 

First, Please do not turn this into a rant nor point fingers.

I'd just like to make a comment on general beach etiquette. Please just remember that if someone says to you that the beach you are trying to launch from is not a beginners beach that it is because they are concerned about both your well-being and those around you. They should only be saying this to you if they noticed that you are having problems of some sort indicating that you are a newer kiter. Do not take it personally, and please remember that it is out of concern and not from being territorial. On the flip side, if you are the one making the statement, just remember to be nice in your tone to not be harsh or hurtful. No matter what, telling someone that their skill level doesn't seem to meet the requiremetns for the beach they are trying to kite on is going to hurt as that person is just trying to get a session in.


I was talking to some folks over the weekend and it seems like in a lot of other places, kiters are very territorial and downright rude to other kiters that aren't "locals". I have never had that experience here in MA from MKiters so found it surprising. For people coming in to this area from outside, they might be expecting that kind of attitude so will be on their defensive. Hopefully they find the masskiting board and can learn about us before hitting the beach so to be a little more chill / relaxed.


Anyway, remember.. If you dont recognize the people on the beach you're on.. Say hello and introduce yourself. 

PS: Happy monday.. Is it friday yet?

Difficult balance

when someone is kooking and you ask them to go elsewhere, they generally don't like you.

about etiquette, I'd likle to

about etiquette, I'd likle to add something.

I have been out of kiting for a couple years due to a bad shoulder injury and I'm back at it since July. Over these two years there are lots of new people in the sport, more than people I knew from before.

Over the past sessions I engaged conversations with many of these people I've never seen before, I try asking for their name before I asked for a launch.

Yesterday as I was packing I launched and landed 5 or 6 kites, I always do, but one thing that really annoys me however is when people will not help you landing or take their sweet time.

Yesterday as I was coming in I had to wait too long until someone helped me land. Several people saw me making the landing sign but would not move their asses until one guy finally did.

A couple weeks ago at Chapin, same thing, I asked someone to help me land, he had just started setting up his lines and he actually told me to wait as he was laying his lines (are you kidding me?). You don't do that, if someone is landing you ought to go help him land immediatly and not make him wait with his kite in the air. Kite etiquette 101 should be part of lessons to new kiters if it is not already.




I believe...and someday so shall they.

Sometimes, people jsut don't notice you there but making someone wait for no good reason is just douchebaggery, and happily, in my experience, uncommon north of the cape.

it happened twice in a short

it happened twice in a short time, I hope it was just a couple odd balls and not a trend.



I second the launch/land helping. I haven't really had any negative experience but I do remember my first lesson where Jay said the number 1 place for things to go wrong is on the beach during launch/land.  Since then I've always made it a point to try and watch and make contact with anyone coming in off the water to see if they need a land.  In my opinion, the right thing is to safely put down kite/lines as quickly as possible and land.  To do otherwise is potentially hazardous.  Obviously launching is not as time critical...

When I first started

kiting in 2004 I thought it was very cool that we all looked out for one another and helped with launching and landing.  Very much a shared hands on experience as opposed to coming from windsurfing when you set up and dragged it down to the beach on your own, didn't need any help.  It brought strangers together.  Not so anymore.  I'm at WD in July trying to get some one to catch my kite.  Its high tide and I can barely hold my own as I tap my helmut trying to get someone's attention.  I bring the kite down so one of the 6 or so people standing around would grab it.  No, not even an instructor with his small group standing there.  So I neatly self land no problem and start in winding my lines up.  As I walk up to my kite a guys says will you get your lines off mine I'm about to launch.  Nice.  Whats with people?

wow, so that's not only me

wow, so that's not only me then.

From my experience don't expect instructors to help out except in an emergency situation. I can understand that, if I was taking a lesson I would not want my instructor to spend time (my money then) launching and landing other people kites but it is inexcusable that other kiters on the beach won't help, they will expect being helped as well once they themselves land.


I understand your point

but I have been around instructors where they have actually taken the oppurtunity to show students the art of landing and launching.  They have even asked me if they mind their student helping out.  Its ok with me as long as the instructor is standing by.

I did not think about that one

good teaching point indeed.


I will never hesitate to help

I will never hesitate to help in an emergency situation. I cant imagine an instructor or anyone else declining to help in an emergency/ 

That's when you gently tap

That's when you gently tap someone on the head with your leading edge and they will land you real quick ;)

- K T H X B Y E P Z -


I've actually never had a problem with getting someone to launch or land my kite. Sometimes it takes a minute for them to see me to realize I need a landing.. Generally what I do in that case is start landing the kite nearby them and let it hover in the air a couple feet above the ground so that it's convenient for them to take a few steps and land me quickly.

Dont expect someone to drop everything and run way across the beach to help you land (unless you're in trouble). They are doing you a favor so make it as easy as you can for them.

Kinda like what Jeremy was

Kinda like what Jeremy was saying. It did not happened often, 3 times in 6 years in fact but twice in the recent weeks that's why I was sharing that experience, I hope it was just a conincidence that it happened twice in such a short time span.


I would be happy to organize

I would be happy to organize a "Beach Clinic" reguarding lauching and landing. These are the two times where a kitecrash or mistake is most noticed as a kite tumbles backwards or tomahawks on the beach/dunes. Also the most dangerous time for this to happen. 
there are some very simple things you can do to lesson the possibility of being "that guy/girl" to watchout for! We have all been there and shit happens and we are lucky when no one is injured.  


Good idea Phil and generous

Good idea Phil and generous of you, it would not be a bad thing to do that on a yearly basis actually, especially useful for new kiters in their first or second season. It would be useful to include self launch and self land maybe? The main problem would be how to reach out to a maximum of kiters. Maybe I'm wrong but I am under the impression that MK does not have the audience it used to 2 or 3 years ago? Jeremy and Johnny probably have more info on that (website stats?).


I say we look for positive

I say we look for positive and not look for problems- Mass kiting has a great reach and I dont see that as a problem. Lucky to have this resource at our fingertips!  
Its part of the lesson program that we teach so Ill cover the most important things. Maybe shoot a video so its available for future reference. ---

did not say it was a problem

did not say it was a problem just an impression and it might be incorrect, agree we are lucky to have it.