Foil masts interchangeable?

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Foil masts interchangeable?

Are LF and Slingshot (and any other brands) making masts that are pretty much interchangeable?  Or does each system have it's own proprietarty nuances?  threading on scews the same?  Can you change boards (SS to LF, etc) with the same mast?  New to this stuff, any insight would be great. 

We put a slingshot short mast and

We put a slingshot short mast and foil ona foil fish last weekend, they weren't too compatible, but we eventually got it to work. The countersink on the slingy one is on the foil attachment plate, whereas the foil fish has the countersink on the board. The LF plate  is supposed to take a T-nut thingy.

They also had different screw sizes.

Like I said, got it to work, but only barely.

Also considered just

Also considered just switching the masts, but they had different profiles, and definitely different screw holes.

I am told that the Naish masts are compatible with the foil fish setup. They have a short mast I was eyeing.

OK that's exactly what I was

OK that's exactly what I was wondering about.  I actually just called REAL and they said not compatable.  thanks dude!

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Check out Houston

Check out Houston kiteboarding. They've got some hardware for switching between lf and slingshot.