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Foiling anyone

Here's a foiling tutorial from Slingshot.

Not the type of board to rinde in Chapin but this seems to gain traction, my brother was telling me he sees lots of them in France now.

Best kite investment I've

Best kite investment I've made in years! It makes almost every summer day rideable. I've had about 80 hydrofoil sessions now and i'm still stoked. Yesterday I went on a 5-mile upwinder from harwich to west dennis...had a blast. And you can ride at Chapin and Mayflower, you just have to walk out far enough. I love foiling there.

It looks fun but it is an

It looks fun but it is an investment indeed. That Slingshot gear is about 2 grands, I hope it will eventually get cheaper as they increase in popularity and production volume. Now if that gives you a ton of extra time on the water in light wind it's not that bad but I don't have this much time on my hands anyway with an 8 to 5 job.


The Hoverglide setup is $899

The Hoverglide setup is $899 and they have new boards for around $599 so total is around $1499, but guys will get out with their gear for around $1300.  There are also some used or demo setups out there.  I know the local guys here have them available at around 20% off the prices I listed.  My first hydrofoil board was an old twin tip that I drilled some holes in.  I've also ridden a lot of skim board where the owners just drilled the 4 mounting holds right through the wood deck and it worked great.  Hydrofoiling is the greating part of the kiteboarding sport.  I've been riding for 14 years and it has completely changed it for me.  I'm so stoked every time I go out foiling.  Don't let the pricing discourage you.   Hope that helps!

-Phil Midler

I saw a video of a twin tip

I saw a video of a twin tip foil.   cant reamber where I saw it. 

Not sure if this is what you're referring to @James?
REAL has some board + foil

REAL has some board + foil setups for ~1K:

Starts getting interesting. I

Starts getting interesting. I need a new kite first but I think foiling is here to stay and grow.