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Looking for some new foot straps to go on my new North X-Ride. All I know is Cabrinha H2 which I like and would consider buying again since they are on sale and affordable. Although, I hate buying the same gear. Lifes to short as it is so I am trying to up my game and try out some new foot straps. 

Anyone have/used the slingshot duallys and can compare with Cab H2s? 



If you like the H2, get

If you like the H2, get another pair. You can't beat the price at the moment. North straps are nice too as you already have North board. There is not much else to gain with other straps if they are comfortable and you get the support you need.


I have a pair of the 2015 dually that have been sitting around for over a year since I ride boots. Theyre in great shape - Make an offer!

if you like the H2 you would

if you like the H2 you would probably also like the Crazy Fly - Price on the H2's is hard to beat.  I have them in stock/