Independent review North Rebel 8m 2017

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Independent review North Rebel 8m 2017

North Rebel 8m 2017

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Rebels for sale cheap

For anyone interested in this kite, I was given 2 used ones by a girl who did not end up getting into kiting. I'd guess they are 3-4 years old but only used for a season. I have a 7m and 9m each with its own 5-line bar and both kites are intact with no leaks or tears. According to the article a new 2017 8m with bar will set you back almost $2000. It also says that this kite hasn't changed much in the last 10 yrs., so I'd say you'd be getting a great deal if you're a fan of the Rebel. Only $400 for the 9m and $300 for the 7m.

what year are they?

what year are they?

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I would have disagress with

I would have disagress with some of what this tester said about the rebel.  In my opinion and those who have tried both earlier and 2017 rebels find the 2017 to be a much different kite to the previious versions.  Turning speed is very quick and the kite is much looser feeling.  I have them for people to try. Just let me know!   Judge for yourself.! 
There is no doubt they are a boosting Machine!  #kitermike 

So here's the low down on those used Rebels

Had to do an on-line search to figure out what year they are. They're in such good shape (obviously barely used) I thought they were maybe only 4 yrs old. Turns out I think they're 2008s. They have 5 struts & no one-pump connections, battens, 5-line bar w/ clam cleat, and no bridles. Tried to attach a pic here but may be too big. Yeah I know, gotta come way down on the price, so $250 for the 9m & $200 for the 7m. My guess is to go with my original plan & keep them for the snow, which if someone else needs a snowkite I really only need one.

Thanks everyone for the interest anyway.