Joppa Flats Newburyport

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Joppa Flats Newburyport

I know wind surfing happens at the Joppa Flats in Newburyport, but does anyone kite there? I'm thinking at high tide it might be a great spot. Right in the mouth of the Merrimack River 

I've always wondered about that spot!

Sadly, I have nothing to contribute to the discussion other than interest, so I'm hoping someone chimes in.

People do kite there, but not

People do kite there, but not very often.   I never have myself.


Been boating there for decades and had my company hq there for a couple of years and never once kited joppa. Why? At high tide there is no place to launch or land a kite as the water comes all the way up to the seawall. Most of the area at low tide is 20 inch muck but there are places to navigate across sand bars to get to the water (we did this many times fly fishing at low tide). 

Wind is kind of crappy at Joppa but gets slightly better down river toward the mouth. 

We have launched near the mouth on many occasions and went upriver around woodbridge island and onto the edges of Joppa but always turned back because wind quality diminishes rather quickly. Some may warn you about the currents of the Merrimac river which are fierce on an outgoing and incoming tide. Slack tide on either tide is safest. 


Thanks for the info Jumpinjoe. Sounds like I'll be steering clear. Many other better options.