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Kite tools

So I'm about 300yds out from Dog, and my right binding starts feeling "squishy", sure enough, one of the screws had unscrewed itself, so I kite in, land my kite, and YES! I remembered to bring my crappy, rusted screwdriver that used to allow switching of bits, but now is rusted to a flat bit(that still kinda fits the philips on my binding). Fix the problem, kite on.


1. Any recommendation for a decent multi-tool to keep in the kite bag? By the way, I rarely remember to rinse my gear, so I'm definitely not going to remember to rinse a multi-tool, so it better be bombproof stainless.

2. What do you all consider vital for a kite toolkit anyway?


Screwdriver!  You don't need

Screwdriver!  You don't need much more, although I may start carrying an allen wrench on me if I go on foil excursions.  Knife is good to have too. If you surf, water epoxy putty for ding repair is a good idea.

To keep in a kite bag, not for the water, you could go with a snowboard-like multitool like these:

- K T H X B Y E P Z -



keep some Alcohol in your bag.... good for evap ING water from kite when adding a patch for quick fix. Also good for drinking away the sadness from ripping your new kite and if you manage to step in a shell you hsve a sterilizer and pain killer.




so do you recommend Miller

so do you recommend Miller High Life or more like an IPA?

- K T H X B Y E P Z -

IPA.   Lagunitas Sumpitin Ale

IPA.   Lagunitas Sumpitin Ale should due or get the brown shugga.  Drink 3 and you will not even know your equipment failed. 

Keep it Light

IPA's might be too heavy.... dont want to mess with the Woo stats. I'd go with something lighter. 

back in the day, we used to

back in the day, we used to slam High Lifes mixed with iced tea for extra boost.

- K T H X B Y E P Z -

Keep the tools in the car

keep tools, duct tape, kite fix and a first aid kit in the car.

Always go kite with a bunch of tools!!




I keep the interchangeable screwdriver you described and a multi tool in the driver door of my car.  Comes into use a lot more than just kiting and they have withstood corrosion being stored there for a few years now.  I can't think of anything other than the screwdriver and maybe a fin (hex) key for surfboards that can fix anything for kiting? Sail repair tape? I tried using that in a pinch one time and it didn't last very long maybe because kite was wet.

Spare pigtails, bladder tape,

Spare pigtails, bladder tape, small scissors, zipties (fix anything e.g. broken bindings), extra screws.

I keep 2 stubby stainless

I keep 2 stubby stainless screwdrivers, 1 phillips, 1 straight, in a camelback that I kite with most of the time. They're especially useful for downwinders. I don't use multitools because even a stainless one will freeze up if it's in saltwater enough.

I carry a leatherman

I carry a leatherman skeletool for most sports-- picked it up at home depot during Christmas for under $20. It doesn't have a fin tool, but the pliers and knife always come in handy.

A small pair of adjustable pliers

Not a must have, but handy.  Unlike a leatherman, they have the crushing foce to bend things back into place, and can be oppened wide to gingerly loosen screw on style valves that get sand in them.  



A pump comes in handy...

A pump comes in handy...

Belt too

My buddy has something similar and it's saved my butt when out in the backwoods snowboarding. Long story but the binding came off my board while I was in a natural half pipe in the middle of nowhere... That coulda been really bad .. Ha!