Kiter missing

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Kiter missing

This happened yesterday. Whoever this is should let the Coast Guard know.

SANDWICH, MA (WHDH) - Emergency crews in Sandwich spent multiple hours searching the area following reports of a missing parasailer.

According to authorities, police received a call after a person reported a parasail floating over Scorton Creek before landing in a wooded area. The parasail had no occupant.

Police and fire crews, assisted by the US Coast Guard, searched the area for several hours but were unable to find anything.

Witnesses said a kite surfer had been in the area recently but were unsure if the two were connected. Those witnesses described a blue and green sail, possibly with the number 12.

After a search that lasted approximately two hours, as well as an aerial flyover by the Coast Guard, police decided to end the search, classifying it as a “good intent call.”

Sandwich Police also conducted a Reverse 911 call to residents asking if they saw anything or if they themselves were on the water.

Hopefully all is well . Do

Hopefully all is well . Do paragliders have numbers on the side?

Either way its a good reminder that riding alone is never a good idea.



kite without the owner's name on it?

prob a kiter who came and went

Probably just a kiter who was out on the creek landed his kite and left for the day.  If you are that kiter, please reach out to the authorities.  No need to have them chasing something that is not there.

Phil talked to them

Phil talked to them. 

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It was a kiter , it was a

It was a kiter , it was a mistaken citizen who made the call from what I can gather. Could have been someone who just landed their kite and someone though they were in trouble or an ejection. No kite was found accoring to the fire dept person I spoke to.