Kiting in Maine

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Kiting in Maine

Does anybody know of good beaches in Maine to kite from? I will be in Camden Maine all week and I don't want to miss a day tues-thurs! Thanks everyone!

pine point

Pine point is your best bet in old orchard beach

West and south are side shore

West and south are side shore and onshore at pine point
There are many many places to. Kite no matter what the wind

Check and see all the beaches and spots north and south of Portland

Be prepared for some friendly to snotty attitudes

Pine Point....

Facebook, Tom Michaud. He is the kite ambassador at that beach, knows the rules etc..

Nice spot north of Portland

Hey everyone...thanks for the feedback. I found a spot which seems to be a magic secret and i want to share it with MK. If you find yourself north of Portland...about 2 hours or so, there is a town called Thomaston. Put 84 Knox Street in your GPS or Google Maps and drive to the end of the road. You will find yourself at a boat yard. Go to the left and launch from just over the wall. There is a rocky beach down there and I safely used my kite bag as an anchor thanks to some of the larger rocks!

The guys at the boatyard watched for a while and thought I was this guy Mike and/or this guy Pierce. So....not untapped spot to kite, meaning its proven to be friendly and safe in my opinion.

The channel is perfectly facing SW/NE and lets the wind straight through to the cove...a little gusty but made for a sweet session during my trip to Camden. Bonus!

Here is a link to a map showing the cove at the end of Knox Street. Hope someone finds it and enjoys a happy session.,+ME/@44.0635343,-69.1667755,14z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x4cadcf8fb50b4297:0x636db27b1fdf1043

That's LymanMorris boatyard,

That's LymanMorris boatyard, nice yard!

What about Acadia? Any good

What about Acadia? Any good kiting spots in the Bar Harbor area? Headed there this coming weekend. Thanks!

Acadia has been a place that

Acadia has been a place that has vexed me

It is def a ridable kite spot but you hae to find just the right day with regards to wind direction
The coast is really serious with rocks and can have heavy shore break

At low ride there are a few spots that would be cool near the harbor but I'm afraid it may be tabu

Been to Acadia twice

and really did not see any easy launches.

Been going to MDI for years

Been going to MDI for years (was just there for 4th of July weekend, going back end of the month for a week), and brought my kites along the last couple of years, but have not yet managed to kite there. Tricky coast line, wind conditions, sketchy launches, cold water. Not really kite-friendly. Never seen a kite in the air either. But I wouldn't give up. There may be some kiteable spots, under the right conditions.

I have a house on Swans

I have a house on Swans Island off of MDI and have found the winds up there are fickle at best in the warmer months cause of the cold water temps decouple the sea breezes making very unsettled and gusty conditions, and also a ton of current too.


[quote=SPC]My family just moved to east Portland. Looking over Back Cove it looks like it would be a great destination for kiting. Does anywhere kite out there and if so, what time of year is best?[/quote]

I have stumbled upon countless beaches/coves in Maine which look like beautiful kiteboarding spots only problem is lack of wind. You are relying on sea breezes in the summer which tend to fade the further north along the coast you get. OOB seems to do better than most spots in the area. And I've been on a beach in Maine during a nor'easter and it was blowing 10 knots at best while further south in NH/MA it was blowing 35 knots.

I am sure if you search hard enough you will find a few amazing spots. If you do, please share :)

I kited off the bar at bar

I kited off the bar at bar harbor a few years ago. Wasn't great due to gusty crappy wind. I want to do it again on the foilboard as would be fun to tour the islands...and foilboards deal with junk wind well

Bar harbor

Any new or more specific info for beaches to launch from around Bar Harbor? I'll be there ~October 16-23.