Looking for Great Local Bladder Replacemt/Repair Wizard Please

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Looking for Great Local Bladder Replacemt/Repair Wizard Please

Hi community,

Any advice?

Know one can & ultimately maybe should do this on one's own (if one is super-handy and/or experienced, long-time kite owner... but am neither).

Also know another alternative is to ship kite long distance to dedicated repair shop (but it being Fall, don't like the time lag involved in that option).

So please lmk if anyone has any strong recommendations for great, fast, cool, affordable kite doctors within a 90 min drive of Boston, please.

Thank you in advance. And hope this question might help others too -- both those in need of, & those proferring, services.

p.s. apologies if this has been answered elsewhere on the site, didn't find.



You tube video

Watch the you tube videos on how to do this.  If this does not work for you, Phil at Kitesite will do the bladder work.  Locally Gato (Rodrigo Concha), on this site may still be able to help with kite repairs.  Sometimes he need to take out bladders to his work so I am sure he can help you.  He has a day job but used to help folks with kite repair work.  Do not know if he still does this.



Give me a call and we can get it fixed.