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Minor Kitemare

So I went for a nice light air sesh at Revere today and when I came in, I had to self-land. My mistake was I was standing too close to the bath house and the kite completely stalled and fell out of the sky. It all happened very fast and I feel very careless for letting it happen. Long story short, the kite landed a bit hard and cut the leading edge on something (shell maybe?) and blew out one of the sections. It needs a new leading edge panel and a new bladder. My guess is it's roughly $200 to fix.

I'm wondering if...

A. There's someone who can confidently fix it?

B. If there's someone who would be interested in buying it with the bar? The kite is a 15M LF Envy and has only been used about a dozen times. With the obvious issue fixed, it could be a good kite. And the bar is essentially good as new, always rinsed with fresh water and hung dry. If interested, make an offer. I can send pictures if necessary.


Gato works can fix that.

Gato works can fix that. 6033803383


and is very discreet ;)

and is very discreet ;)

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