Mk Holiday Party! Come one Come All!

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Mk Holiday Party! Come one Come All!

It's that time of year where we look back on the year, remember all of the good times had, and dream about Hatteras in the Spring!  Drinks will be had, stories told and big smiles are guarenteed!  

When:  Thursday December 22nd

Where:  Millers Ale House Watertown

When:  5:30pm - Whenever!

Miller's is again opening their doors to us and giving us the back bar all to ourselves.  Come whenever you can after work and stay as long as you want!

See you all there!

I plan on stopping by with my

I plan on stopping by with my good friend Billie.

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Wonderful photos!  

Wonderful photos!

Unfortunately going to miss

Unfortunately going to miss it again this year.  Enjoy the holidays everyone! Hope to see the crowd on a ~warm day in January at Pbay!

Holiday Party!

Just a warm up to libations and cheer!! Whoohoo cant wait!

A video of the holiday party 2014


Hoping to join for the party, is there usually a good crowd on the later side too? Probably can't make it until 8pm...

Usually goes till 11

Usually goes till 11

Hello folks,

Hello folks,

As we get ready to have our holiday cheer I keep thinking about Joe and that he wont be able to join us. I know many of you would like the opportunity to reach out to Joe and I thought a video might be a great idea. So at Millers I will be setting up my gear so that you can have the opportunity to wish him well and bring the holiday to him. So please if you can make it please do. For those unable to attend please email me and I can give you instruction and deadline to send me a phone video. Id like to complete this for xmas day.  See you all tomorrow! 


Great initiative Johnny. See

Great initiative Johnny. See you tomorrow.