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Mk Site & Raffle Update

We need to raise $7500 and we are going to do it by giving away $1000 cash.  Here’s how it works,

Raffle tickets are $50 each and we are selling 175 tickets.  You can buy as many as you like but once all 175 are sold that’s it.

Information about the raffle:

$50 / ticket x 175 = $8,750 - $1000 Prize money -$250 in expenses and you get!  A new!

Skip the rest for later how to buy a ticket: 

Please buy another ticket and if you have not bought a ticket please take the time to contribute today! Send a Paypal payment to,  please mark it personal to avoid the fee being taken out. In the Comments section please write your full name, email address, and mailing address so we can send you your raffle ticket! Don't use Paypal? No problem, send an email to and let us know how many tickets you would like to purchase. We can take cash or check.


So far what have we built?:

The new site has been built and it already includes our features: forums, beaches, resources, events, photos, videos, profiles and searching. Its is a working site an it does include all of our legacy content from the original site and the current temporary version combined. It was very exciting to see our history since 2008 accessible again! What is also improved is a status (shout feature) and stream which replaces a shout box with a more versatile Facebook style “Whats on your mind” approach. You can add a picture there easily from your phone and update your status from the beach. The entire site is responsive for optimized viewing from a desktop, tablet, and most importantly mobile phone. This makes the site easy to use similar to a mobile app to best communicate from the beach (less steps). The site is getting a custom design overlay and the creative process is 75% compete. We have mock ups of all the major pages. This new theme is currently being implemented to into the already working site with all our real content.


So today we have real content, working functionality, custom design, and this theme is beginning to be applied to the site. 


So whats left?

We also want to connect user profiles, beaches, session, images that you can @user and @beach and tag people to images and link content to your profile pages more dynamically. Things happening at beaches images/sessions/updates will populate on that beaches page as an example. We also would like to add notifications so forum updates, comments, status updates, and beach updates etc. can be sent to your phone (if you opt and toggle for these individually). Once the design is in place there will be a number of user experience improvements and details to make the site perfect for our unique use. Once fundraising is complete we are 2months away and have not needed to pause. 


When and what needs to happen?

So we have sold ~130 tickets at this time from 79 contributors and we only have 45 to go! These last tickets are needed so we can complete the site and launch. The funds we have raised have brought us this far and we are almost there. We need additional support to reach our final goal and required developer hours to keep on schedule without pausing. So very thankful for all of you who are making this possible we expect to raise the final funds over the coming weeks with a second push. We will in the next weeks make additional posts on Mk and social media as a reminder for those that may not have not gotten word or may intended to support the site to join us.


If anyone would like another ticket to increase your chances of winning it would be amazing! A possible solution to rally over the finish line. However, we are simply grateful and psyched you supported this already and thats the kind gesture the site needed to make this a reality! The new site really has been a dream. For years it felt impossible we as a community could raise enough to proved ourselves with proper solution. A really nice interface and tools to really communicate effectively in our sport on the go as we chase wind literally. The dream however is now a reality and one we can be proud of. 


Last but not least, a teaser: 

So the following link you can scroll left and right to see a few of the mobile version pages (not a site, not clickable). Then scroll up and down to see the entire page top to bottom. I have also -attached to this email- 2 proposed desktop designs (zoom in and scroll to see) in a larger screen format. These are not final designs and we have already discussed with the designer what we liked and what we need adjusted. But we thought a preview of the draft would be nice to share. 


Mobile pages:


Again the site is there and ready it just needs its fresh new wrapper to make it ours and complete. 


Next Step: We will give another update around the Hatteras Planning Party hopefully the final tickets will be sold then and we can announce the raffle. Until then we sell 45 tickets! Get the word out! Share our posts over the next weeks that should help! 




Johnny D 

I am beyond stoked to see the

I am beyond stoked to see the mobile optimized theme!  What this means to me is I don't need another app all I need is to have all my community and kiting resources in one place.  Now maybe I am bias but from what I can tell this makes us the most legit, advanced, and obviously coolest community in the globe!  In a world where everything is going to cookie cutter facebook and group texts this is so cool to have our community supported and stronger than ever!



The new site looks so rad, I

The new site looks so rad, I can't even imagine the time and effort required to get this set up.  Really looking forward to seeing it live in action!  

Just snagged another raffle ticket!

It's so good to finally on

It's so good to finally on the "home stretch."  So excited for the community to evolve with teh new site!

- K T H X B Y E P Z -

Great job- buy a ticket!

This is a huge effort with what look like really nice results. Thanks to everyone who has put in the time.

I just bought another ticket.