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Writing to introduce myself. My name is Cory Cramer. I'm new to Masskiting, though I'm from the area. I've been kiting for almost a year now, still getting the hang of it. I live and teach in Newport, RI and I'm planning on riding second beach a good bit this winter...At least until the plover ban goes in in the spring. If anyone's headed down this way to ride, I'd be happy to give you a launch, and or grab a beer afterward. Hope to see folks out on the water, maybe make a few new friends. 



Are you allowed to kite

Are you allowed to kite second beach?

After 6 and down beyond the

After 6 and down beyond the easternmost crossover form the parking lot seems to be cool.


Welcome Cory!

Welcome Cory!

Welcome Cory!  I hope to ride

Welcome Cory!  I hope to ride with you down there this winter!

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Technically no riding at second until after 6 PM, this ends October 1st. You can ride anytime on the eastern section past the end of the parking lot (this part of beach owned by National Seashore). Be aware that there are still swimmers in the water along the entire beach and they are hard to see if they are in the surf (their heads look like little black bouys). It is our responsibility to look out for swimmers no matter where they are and steer clear. I also saw a beginner this past week end flying a full size kite on the beach and kooking out with beach goers directly down wind, not cool. This is a pretty chill place so all the locals ask is that new comers show respect and use common sense (pretty much the same deal for any spot).