Please do not kite in the Swim Zone at West Dennis

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Please do not kite in the Swim Zone at West Dennis

Labor Day is behind us but the buoys defining the swim zone are still in the water. I’m not sure but I think they keep them until October and we are not allowed to kite or windsurf (they are just as guilty) in the swim zone.

I had a long conversation with Phil on the subject as he has been telling people on the beach since Labor Day (thank you Phil), so were we no later than yesterday. Phil told me there is actually a sign explaining the rules, I’m guilty of not having seen it, but I have been respecting the rule regardless as I knew it from previous years which is not the case of many kiters.

Both Phil and I noticed that some people don’t know the rules and some people know it and ignore it (bigger problem). In fact right after I told some they could not kite in the swim zone they were doing it, one guy was even repeatedly jumping right by the shore in the swim zone.

So we have 3 situations:

1. You know it and you still do it, like you know you can’t text and drive but do it until you kill a cyclist on the shoulder.

2. You are oblivious of the rule and or sign and respect it once you know it.

3. You know the rule but you can’t stay upwind and end up in the swim zone despite your best efforts.

From what I gathered, the town is not happy with us not respecting the rule, Phil mentioned it already in regard of Chapin left launch rule.

Being ignorant is not an excuse, that is true, but the fact of the matter is that it’s happening and we cannot expect people to know what they should know without being more proactive about it. No finger pointing, I’m opening the debate as what can we come up with as a group to fix the problem before we get banned, which would be a huge deal obviously. 








Like, no where in the world. Not just at West Dennis. This applies to Revere, Nahant, PBay, WD, Chapin, FE, Hardings... all of them!  a swim zone is for SWIMMING ONLY.

- K T H X B Y E P Z -

Indeed nowhere in the world

but I was specifically talking about WD because it is a problem that I have witnessed the past couple sessions I spend there. To make the problem worst, the buoys are not necessarily very visible from the beach unless you are actively looking for them, especially if you see a dozen other kites in the area one may think it's ok or not look for buoys.


even on Mars

even on Mars


Do not kite or teach kiting in the swim area at Chappy when people are swimming. Even with the swim markers and lines removed, people still like to swim and get knocked around by the shore break while the water is still warm.  This happened yesterday.  

Walk down the beach, way the fuck down the beach.

Can we see a picture of the

Can we see a picture of the sign? I was unaware of the buoy rule. With most places, it's not an issue if lifeguards are not present as long as kiters give the swimmers a wide berth. 

Not trying to be

Not trying to be argunmentative here,  But is that a rule that someone of authority has explained to you about the lifeguards and swimming areas?


West Island...yes.  Pleasure

West Island...yes.  Pleasure bay...implicitly...during the summer kiteboarders and swimmers coexist after 6pm. I sneak on and off a town beach at Harwich when life guards aren't there...but i've never asked for permission.

they have a Marked Swimming

they have a Marked Swimming area at West Island and they have told you it is okay to ride inside? jus tlooking for clarification 
Have gotten away" with and "recieved permission" are very different things  :)   
Thats were I think a lot of the problem comes from- In some ways we need very specific rules...The problem : very speicific rules generaly start with "NO....(enter activity here)"

I appeciate your input on this, its very helpful going forward ! 


At West island there are

At West island there are permanent signs that say no lifeguard beyond this point, but there are no buoys. Kiting is off limits inside those signs when lifeguards are present. This swim area extends to the farthest sand bar. Two years ago a friend went to the office of whoever oversees Fairhaven beaches to get clarification on kiting and this official said very clearly that there are no restrictions when lifeguards are not present.

Now this makes me think of horseneck. Can you kite in front of life guard towers when life guards are not there?

I will get a picture 

I will get a picture 

Btw there's a sign at West

Btw there's a sign at West Dennis Beach that says no kitesurfing in the marsh, but people do it anyway. If this sign is commonly disregarded, you might expect people will disregard the other sign or certain rules on that sign.

As far I as know there is no

As far I as know there is no swimming area that allows Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, Jetskiing, Etc. 
I know that this is the case in the town of dennis. there are plenty of marked swim zones that do not have life guards however the purpose of marking them is to desinate a place where they are not likely to get mowed down, tomahawked, Hit by, or otherwise harassed by something other than another swimmer. 

As for giving swimmers a wide birth-  this works as well as you see them- with chop and people bobbing up and down you may not see them.  I have approched the swimming area with my boat and saw something in the water way out at the bouys that was indeed a swimmer.  If the swimming area were not there I could easily run him/heer over.

As for the sign by the pond. The Sign reads "No kiteboarding in the Marsh"  The reason it was written like that is beccause of the marsh grass. We wanted to allow for riding in the water in that area, but the Environmental people did not want people ridding through the marsh grass.  
The alternative is to shut that area down completely- 


I saw a windsurfer in the

I saw a windsurfer in the pound on Sunday as I was leaving.


Yeah,  I dont no why is a no

Yeah,  I dont no why is a no windsurfing area by signage..That was added after the marsh sign.  It will be more clear come spring I am sure


The town is going to get more

The town is going to get more specific about the rules reguarding kiteboarding in the Town of Dennis. This will have positive effects as well as negitive effects.  For many years that has been a "looking the other way as it comes to us and access at several areas (Chapin being one)  this may change sad to say.
I am gving my input to hopefully keep access for all wind directions. Time will tell.

these are the current rules reguarding Kite and Windsurfing

13.       Windsurfing and board rigging at West Dennis Beach are restricted to the designated area for said purpose and access to the beach is limited to specified pathways.  No rigging shall occur within the dunes at any beach.  Equipment shall not be left in the parking lot in such a manner to occupy an additional parking space. 


14.       No boating, fishing, windsurfing, kite boarding, paddle boarding or scuba diving will be permitted in areas designated by lifeguards and or swim buoys as swimming areas. 

Thanks for providing

Thanks for providing clarification Phil. I do appreciate your work on this front.

Yours as well brother 

Yours as well brother 

Kitesite, do you have a seat at the table?

If the town of Dennis is looking at changing / clarifying the rules related to wind sports at its beaches I would think it would be helpful for someone who knows the beaches and the sports to participate in the process.  Hopefully, you will be included in the process.


I am involved in the

I am involved in the discussion as much as I can in the process. They are interested in hearing what we have to say. Important to note, the local beach committee wants us to have access! We are not battling the town on this.  Most of the issue has to do with the state environmental laws regarding piping plovers. The towns have to do what that can to mitigate any potential harm / disturbance to the birds  as the state defines. The towns face a large potential fine (50k) if a plover is killed. 

It is important that we take into account their position when we approach the issue. We don't bring in nearly enough money to the beaches to mitigate a fine or even worse a lawsuit because they didn't protect the public should someone get injured by a kiter/windsurfer.  

Thank you Phil

I'm sure I am not the only one that appreciates your continued advocacy on our behaif.   

I like where I live and kite.

I like where I live and kite.  Thank you