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Recovery time

When I kite it takes me 3 days or more to recover, which means until I don't feel sore muscles anymore. I get that after I go skiing as well.
I was wondering if it's just me or others have that "problem" too, especially guys older than 40.

I had the same issues and I'm

I had the same issues and I'm only 27. I find that working out every day (sit ups and other abs excersies as well as some squads) and stretching prevents that. Also on occassions when I still get sore after rough sessions, I work out lightly the next day, which shortens the recovery period quite a bit... hope that helps!

I have to take a day off

I have to take a day off after three days of kiting. This is similar to snowboarding. However, a kiting session usually lasts only about two hours or less. When I am in shape (kiting every week) I usually recover in a day or two. I am 45, and my weekly excersise routine consists of a kiting session, a couple of soccer games and an occasional dog walk.

It's perfectly normal.
I kind of like that feeling

I kind of like that feeling

33 yo here. I started doing

33 yo here. I started doing yoga daily, sometimes with wieghts, and it substantially improved my board sport endurance and recovery time. I'm not sore/tired after most 1-3 hour kite sessions (unless I fell akwardly), and I can snowboard 4-5 days in a row with 30-60m hikes and charing hard through the powder and trees. Fours years ago I couldn't make any of these claims because I was ignoring/not prioritizing my fitness. I play soccer and volleyball once or twice a week also, but I need something mroe reliable so I started doing yoga a lot more.

I do yoga for strength and flexability; most of this is centered on the core and legs, which are critical to my favorite sports (snowboarding, kiteboarding, mountain biking). I can practice yoga almost anywhere, take a class or for free in my room. No 10+ knot wind required. I sit all day for my desk job, whether i'm at my desk, on an airplane, or in a conference room-- this does not put me in ideal shape for fun sports.

It is about the game before the game. 

It's normal.  But the

It's normal.  But the following can help.  

  • Food.  What you put in is what you get out.  I put stuff like maca in my smoothie morning of a session for energy, and it defiately helps stamina, which could be a big factor on day 3 or 4.  I use stuff like coconut water and bananas post-session. KALE always helps.  Smoothies every morning... it can't hurt you, why not?!?  And eat protein post-session to aid muscle recovery.  Eat a lot of alkaline-rich foods, stay away from acidic (although some acids like lemons are alkalizing).
  • Hydrate during and after sessions.  hydrate ALL THE TIME.  This helps your body recover.  Bud light or High Life does not count as hydration ;)
  • Drinking caffeine dehydrates, so if you are a big caffeine addict like I am, this can hurt recovery time.  especially on day two or three.
  • Drinking booze slows or inhibits your body's healing for many reasons.  Taking booze out of your diet may be hard for a lot of people, so drink a glass of water with every beer.
  • Drugs tend to dehydrate.  Opioids, marijuana... even daily perscription drugs.  I'm not saying stop, but at least know you have to offset by drinking more water than normal.
  • Stay fit.  This helps everything.
  • Stay loose.  Yoga def helps everything, from recovery to flexibility. More flexibility helps prevent injury.  
  • Take ibuprofen after long sessions, 600-800mg. Even if you are not hurting, it prevents inflamation.  If you are hurting post-sesh, consider staying on it for a few rounds to keep inflamation down while your body recovers.
  • Always shower post-session to rinse any salts off your body.

These come from listening to my body after years of kiting and long distance running. Every body is different! Be healthy, be happy!

- K T H X B Y E P Z -

Jeremy, I agree with all you

Jeremy, I agree with all you say except the pill. IB is a dangerous drug, I have taken some on occasion like in Hatteras kiting every day but I really try to avoid it otherwise, even after 8 hours of skiing and can't move a muscule the next day. 

I have drastically cut inflamatory food like dairy and grains and it helped a lot with joints (mainly knees). Banana and coconut water is not a bad idea actually, that can make an after session recovery smoothy.


Sorry you feel that way about

Sorry you feel that way about IB.

But for everyone else, to reduce inflamation, you need to take 600-800mg.  That's usually 3 Advil ;)

I am against taking any sort of drugs like asprin, pain killers, etc and have bene for a long time.  but eventually nurses and doctors showed me that IB is a tool that helps reduce inflamation, and reducing inflamation can be HUGE for things like rolling an ankle, broken bones, etc if used BEFORE the injury has a chance to swell.  In the same line, if I kite hard for over 4 hours and feel spent when I get home, I may take some because I know it will make my body better tomorrow.  But threre are risks in everything we do, from kiting to getting in a car to drinking diet soda to getting out of bed in the morning.  The key is to weigh the risks and make the appropriate choice. 

- K T H X B Y E P Z -

Need to kite more often

The only way to make the soreness go away is to kite everyday!. Kite once or twice a week or for 4 or 5 days during an annual vacation and you will end up with the typical weekend warrior problems.  I try to manage these problems as follows:

0. Work on an pay attention to conditioning.  Strength, flexibility, endurance, speed and coordination are not just for athletes.  They are for middle aged shlubs like us too. Figure out an exercise program that works on all five and work that program.

1.  Be careful to get enough sleep, eat well, drink lots of water and be reasonable with your alcohol consumption.

2. Beyond working out, keep moving throughout the week.  Get up from your desk ( if you have desk job ), stand in meetings, maybe work at a standing desk, walk to the train, ride your bike to the train or work, etc..

3. Be reasonable with your expectations. Don't expect to be able to go out and ride all day on Sunday if you sit at your desk the other 6 days of the week.  Get off the water and take a break when you find yourself making mistakes.  When you get tired you run the risk of getting hurt ( for real, not just a sore back, knees or abs).  I find I can get more out of two or three short sessions than I do out of one big one.

4. If you do go out and ride all day on Sunday know you are going to be sore.  It was probably worth it.  Every time you are temped to make old man noises just remember the fun you had getting sore.



Is this a record?

For most replies in the shortest duration since initial post? :)

I am pretty sure that means you are not alone...for me, I hurt worst on day 2 after a good session. My core is always killing me after, but I get no sympathy, because when I move, I groan in pain...then smile...

LOL I was thinking the same

LOL I was thinking the same thing. Good discussion though some interesting advices how each and everyone cope with that.


Funny, glad the young riders

Funny, glad the young riders get sore too. It's all a matter of general fitness level and how you treat your body after the session. Don't just plop on your couch. You can stretch while watching TV. I roll out my back over a yoga roller as well and it works magic in conjunction with stretching. Minimizes recovery. Working out lightly the next day minimizes recovery for me too. If I do nothing for 3 days after a long day of hard kiting I get super stiff and lots of tension everywhere. If I do my routine as outlined, not much issues.

I usually put my routing on

I usually put my routing on hold when I'm too sore, I'll try not to next time and see if that helps.


You know what it means when

You know what it means when you have no pain?    you're dead.  

Vitamin A

Vitamin A

the larger size is always the

the larger size is always the way to go.

- K T H X B Y E P Z -

Just watch your liver and

Just watch your liver and stomach! Rather do a bit stretching and rolling out ;)

I've learded from Red Sox

I've learded from Red Sox reliever Rod Beck..."I’ve never seen anyone on the DL with pulled fat.”

The effects of ibuprofen on

The effects of ibuprofen on muscle hypertrophy, strength, and soreness during resistance training

The key here though may be

The key here though may be that they were taking 400mg of the stuff. I have been told by Doctors that the anti-inflamatory effects of IBU do not really kick in until you reach a dose of 600 or so.

don't trust your doctor, IP

don't trust your doctor, IP is very dangerous it kills thousands every year, what they don't tell on on TV, it's like vaccines.It should be a prescription drug only.


Tylenol is the real killer,

Tylenol is the real killer, more than the pills can permanently damage your liver. Ibuprofen is only problematic when you are dehydrated.

And no, neither of these need to be prescription drugs, even with our current nanny state. You can get much stronger drugs from a pharmacy in many other countries without talking to a dr.

They just need to have the proper warning labels.

Oookay, maybe now is a time

Oookay, maybe now is a good time to set IB discussion down and slowly walk away....

Yea...bit maybe this is just

Yea...bit maybe this is just the flame war MK needs to regain its former glory!

Nah...f**k it...let's just stick to kiting...

I am really sore from

I am really sore from yesterday.  Just thought you guys should know. 


The only time I'm sore after kiting is if I'm doing waves or way way too many crashes (not unusual). You should really make sure you're stretching after and like others said, work on your core more. The other good solution, is just kite every day.. The slight ache you feel is your body saying WOOOOOOOOOOOOO YEA!

I approve

I did some stretching and strengthening last night and feel much better today than I usually do, it works. 


Yoga too

I started doing some yoga on a regular basis.. I have an app on my phone that I use since I"m too cheap to pay for it and too lazy to go to it at my gym.. which offers it for members... mainly I just dont like people looking at my butt in downward dog... haha.. anyway... It helps limber you up too