Reminder to be careful launching - especially at high tide - wherever you are...

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Reminder to be careful launching - especially at high tide - wherever you are...

Please check tides before you go out to ride and be extra cautious if you plan on launching around high tide - especially if it's a full moon.  Most beaches around here don't have a lot of room if the tide is extreme and it can make even a friendly launch area dangerous.  Ask for help if you are unsure what you are doing and if there is no one around to help you it might be better to wait a couple of hours for the tide to go down than to put yourself in a bad situation.

Just as I was leaving First Encounter yesterday I ran to help after I saw a kite hammer down very hard on the walkway to the beach and launch area.  This was ugly because there were a lot of people nearby, all non-kiters.  Luckily no one was hurt.  The person trying to launch had asked a non-kiter for help and didn't realize that their lines were crossed when they launched.  This would have been problematic in normal circumstances but with barely any beach it was far more dangerous because all the people around were concentrated in the same area and there was no safety buffer of open space downwind.

I'm annoyed this person did not just ask me for help.  I had no idea they were alone and I said hello to them twice while packing up my gear and they didn't even acknowledge me.  I assumed they probably had things under control enough to at least not launch near people - poor asumption.  I should have also stuck around after to help them out longer than I did but unfortunately I was in a hurry for childcare reasons  and admittedly was pretty angry and not psyched to help out a person who was so unfriendly (I pointed them to other kiters for help). 

If you are new to kiting or not 100% sure what you are doing it is better to be patient and wait until there is a kiter around to assist you than try and train a non-kiter to help you launch.  A non-kiter will never know if you have incorrectly rigged (which you should know yourself) and unless it is someone you know who you expect to regularly help you launch it's usually not a good idea.  

Again, be extra careful at high tide - if no one else is around it makes sense to wait for another kiter or for the tide to drop.  

9/10 people in this community will ALWAYS help you if you ask.  The worst mistakes happen when people don't ask for help and are in a hurry. 

I know these kinds of posts generally disappear into a vacuum but the idea is that at least one person who's new to the community ends up reading and thinks twice before doing something they know they are uncomfortable with.

Hopefully there is no fallout from this particular incident.