Secretary of State John Kerry

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Secretary of State John Kerry

The suggestion has been made to me many times to contact former Mass Senator John Kerry and see if he can write or phone the DOI on our behalf to help put pressure on the Cape Seashore Superintendent and get us some access back. It does not seem to be such an easy thing to do IMHO, but if someone knows a way to accomplish this, please try. After last night's Q&A it is blatantly obvious to me that no real change will happen unless someone- or the court- intervenes.

Thanks, Holly

I sent a letter to his

I sent a letter to his address on Beacon Hill last year imploring him to help us out.  Who knows if even an aide reads the mail that he gets there but I thought it was worth a try.  If many of us do it (and nicely of course) maybe it has more impact.

The address is:

19 Louisburg Square 02108

His work address is:

John Kerry
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520

Probably worth me refreshing that letter and sending copies to both his home and work addresses

You may want to reach out to

You may want to reach out to kiters/instructors on Nantucket. I believe he has taken lessons and rides with locals at times.

Long shot but may be worth it..

I think Nevin Sayre on MV

I think Nevin Sayre on MV knows Kerry personally. I remember seeing Nevin riding a Kerry for president kite on the Vineyard about 12 years ago. And I think I read somewhere that they ride together at times...  again a long shot but might be worth persuing..

Done & done a long time ago

That is why I'm hoping someone else will have more success.

He will be retiring very soon

He will be retiring very soon, Probably hanging on Nantucket a lot more..