Tragic Kitemare

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Tragic Kitemare

Story out of California. Not sure what the specifics were but apparently this guy was an experienced kiter.

Lots more inf here           

Lots more info here                                                                                                                 

Make sure you have the proper size kite, don't go out into conditions you are not ready for, avoid excessively gusty days, know when to say Not Today,  Don't stand around with your kite at 12, get out or get down, don't hesitate to use your QR,  practice using your QR so it becomes muscle memory, etc......  About 20 kiters die every year, most in gusty, nasty, wind.


Key point

He was an experienced kiter, wearing a helmet (which many of us experienced kiters forgo, cuz yano, we're experienced).

As soon as you think this can't happen to you, it will happen to you. Even if you are careful, it can happen to you.

This stuff is always sobering as f%$k.


Respect the launch!

So sad! 



What a tragedy


Not that it matters but the account I read, allegedly by someone there, stated the guy was a beginner, unfamiliar with the location and launch, and suggested mistakes were made. 

Again not that this matters. A life was lost and this is sobering. Just wanted to add some context assuming what I read is true. 

Always a good thing to have a

Always a good thing to have a serious look at what is directly downwind of you when you launch.

Terrible terrible news.

Terrible terrible news. Accidents could happen to any one of us. But there is so much you can do to prevent a lot of accidents.  My heart goes out to his family.  So sad.

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