Wetsox - anyone try these

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Wetsox - anyone try these

Kind of curios if anyone has tried these?  They are alleged to make getting in and out of wetsuits and wetsuit boots easier.





I used to use Stockings

I used to use Stockings (leggs) to put on a bitch of a wetsuit and dry suit seals/! 

Hello from WETSOX.

Hey folks- wanted to answer a few questions we've been getting about WETSOX.  The socks are designed to make getting in and out of your suit a lot easier- and reduce the stress / stretch on your suit as well. They were desinged by guys that ride all year in new york and are made in new jersey. They'll work with any wetsuit and any sport. Just slip on socks (in the winter I do this before leaving the house) then slide on your suit and boots. Get in the water. When you're done- your gear comes off super easy as well. A huge difference after a cold water session for sure. We're only in our second year- so we'd love it if you tried them and gave us some feedback. Here's a promo code that will stay live for the next 48 hours just for you guys. 20% off any order. CODE: masskiting20 Let us know if we can answer any more questions. 

Hey that's cool... thanks

Hey that's cool... thanks wetsoxsurf person!

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I'm a big fan

I give them 2 thumbs up. They come nicely packaged and do exactly what they claim. Instead of the usual tugging on booties that seam to be vacuum sealed to my feat, with the wetsox they simply slid off. Does this dramatically alter my life as a kiteboarder? No. Do I like it? Mucho!

I wear a size 10 shoe and the Large fits me well, any bigger than 10 and I'd recommend an XL. I got the split toe version in line with the booties that I have and although it seems a bit weird for 5 secs, they actually fit well. They are thin enough to not notice that you're wearing them but thick enough to withstand a firm tug when putting them on. The length was also just right so that the top fits over my calf to an inch under my knee. They did not slip down and did not 'choke' my lower leg either.






I got a pair, will see when

I got a pair, will see when it's dry suit season.


Just ordered mine!

Just ordered mine!

I love winter kite gear! Gets me excited for winter wind and winter waves.

It takes my longer to get my

It takes my longer to get my winter booties on than my drysuit. Sounds like a great idea..

Not ideal for dry suit

I don't these would be ideal for a dry suit.  The ankle seals on the dry suit need to be up against skin to work properly.  Any sort of fabric will just allow the water to wick its way in to the suit.

Mini-review after first session

I got mine today and tried them. Here's what I can say:

  • Certainly help a bit with wet suit on/off, esp. off, esp. 5mm ones.
  • Also help with booties on/off - my 5mm Hyperflex can be tough to get on/off.
  • Your foot may move a bit more _inside_ the bootie - not sure if this is good or bad or neutral. Up to each person.
  • They seem to protect me a bit against small blisters/abrasion that I get some times
  • They feature flat seams - good!
  • SIZING: My exact foot size is 9.5 US/42.5 EU. I got Medium and I think they fit me perfect. Not even tight or anything like that. The toe is plenty long.

Hope this is somewhat useful to some :-)

They work! Wetsuit and

Gave them a try today. They work! Wetsuit and booties slipped on and off super easy. I'm a fan.