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Wetsuit gloves

I'm looking for recommendations on wetsuit gloves.  After using 5mm Ocean Rodeo gloves in XL I realize these are not the gloves for me.  My hands stay nice and warm, but are almost impossible to put on and take off, and hand faigue is a realproblem. Is this common with gloves or can I find some that aren't so difficult.  Are the mittens or "lobster claws" any better?

Would like to hear what others have had success with.  With the water temps dropping and are becoming cold this seems like a very timely discussion, and I'm sure its been discussed here before, but I can't find the discussion.

Call Kitesite

Phil sent me some thin but warm and durable gloves by NP I think. No more Glaciers for me.

NP 5mm lobster is my recommendation

Precurved, warm, soft and stretchy. No fatigue for me. Can be fragile but still worth it. I've tried a bunch and these are the best imho. 

2nd the NP 5mm kiteboarding Gloves - Best Most Comfortable Glove

Tried just about every glove to date.  The NP 5mm 3 finger lobster claw is the bomb - 3 mm dexterity and comfort with 5 mm warmth.  You won't be disappointed.   I'm on my 2nd pair. 

I currently have a great

I currently have a great Selection of gloves and Mitts.:
1.5mm NP
3.0mm NP
Lobster Claws
Open Palm Mitts
Dakine Mitts.

Come check em out or give me a call and we can chat and I can ship em!



I bought

the NP 1.5 and they work great for me in the winter with temps in the 30s. I might have a lower threshold than others.

For those interested
Just bought another pair of

Just bought another pair of glaicer gloves to start out the season.  I'd say I go through 2 sets a winter on average, but they cost $20 or less so it's not a big deal.  They are thin enough and not tight at the wrists, so I get the least amount of forearm fatigue out of any kind I've tried.  I guess I'm a picky creature of habit, but it's worked for me for almost 10 winters on the water.

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Latex Liners

A good way to get a bit more warmth out of gloves and mitts is to put on some latex liners.  I use the cheap ones you can buy in bulk from Home Depot.

I use an older version of

I use an older version of these from Phil. I love the open palm because there is no hand fatigue but they are definitely warm enough.