Where to camp first two weeks of August?

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Where to camp first two weeks of August?

Planning a trip to Mass the first two weeks of August and can stay North of Boston or on the Cape and before I commit, is the Cape a much better choice then?  I would like to kite Revere and Nahant sooner or later.  Is August ok usually?  

August is hit or miss with

August is hit or miss with wind.  The best camping spots are the State Parks.  Wompatuck and Nickerson come to mind.  They fill up fast so reservations made well in advance are necessary.  Horseneck has a campground right on the beach which is pretty amazing.


And if those are full, try

And if those are full, try Shawme Crowell in Sandwich.  I prefer Nickerson myself, you can usually book early (spring, maybe even now) and get spots.

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Nickerson can be reserved 6 months from the date you plan to arrive, and fills up really fast. So trying to find a site for a full 2 weeks now might be pretty slim unless there is a cancellation in the future.

My bad, they used to open up

My bad, they used to open up all registration in March for the season.  Now that it's managed through Reserve America, looks like Ryin is right, they are mostly booked in August.  I wouldn't plan on any cancellations happening... it's cheap enough that people book early but if they can't come they don't cancel their registration.

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I've got a state park pass

I camped, canoed and found mica at Nickerson as a kid so thanks for reminding me to look for camp sites, never been to Womputcknuck and that looks crazy to me on the map.  I'll check it out. 


Nikerson is the call.  I used to live near Wampatuck so I just don't see it as that interesting.  Also, I don't recall there being any nice swimming / water near by.  Nikerson has some loverly ponds and the beach at the end of Crosby lane ( an easy little bike ride ) or at First Encounter ( long bike or car ride ) can be magic.