Who is flying Epic kites?

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Who is flying Epic kites?

I want to replace my Crossbow 13 probably at the end of next year so I start looking, I don't really know what I want.  Who has experience with the Renegade 11? Do they have distributors? I remember that Californa lady Martha several years ago bought 2 of them for some killer price, they are not cheap on their website though. Anyway, seems like a well rounded kite.

Chaos 11m

I have a 2014 11m Chaos for sale. Its brand new still in the package. Take a look at the for sale section. 11m is rated for 13-20 knots 

I would let you try out my 13m or 9m chaos if interested. 


Chaos is probably too

Chaos is probably too aggressive for me, it's like going from a pick up truck to a Ferrari.