Year-Round Kiting is Back on Cape Cod!

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Year-Round Kiting is Back on Cape Cod!

After a second round of administrative rule-making, the Cape Cod National Seashore has opened up a portion of the beach for kitesurfing use year-round.  This is a great step in the right direction.  The federal case against the CCNS is still pending and we are determining what will be our next course of action once we've had a chance to review the new regulation.  Whatever decisions are made on the lawsuit though, the new regulation is on the books.  Enjoy some summer kiting on the Cape! 

Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible! Biggest thanks to Holly who stepped up and agreed to be the plaintiff to bring this case!  Without her, we wouldn't have been able to file the case which motivated the CCNS to make this change.  The link and relevant parts of the release are below:

Kite surfing is prohibited March 15 through October 15 on all open waters on ocean and bayside within the Seashore other than at the following specific locations.

Eastham: A total of approximately 1 3/4 miles of beach between the north end of the lifeguarded section of Coast Guard Beach, and a point north of the lifeguarded section of Nauset Light Beach will be open to kite surfing.  The designated kite surfing boundary area will be marked on land by a post on either end.  The ocean boundary around Nauset Light Beach lifeguarded section will be marked by a bright orange swim buoy. 

Land and water access for takeoff and landings is allowed north of the lifeguarded area on Coast Guard Beach and at the north and south ends of Nauset Light Beach. Kite surfers must stay outside of, and may not launch from, the Nauset Light Beach lifeguarded area when lifeguards are on duty.  The land boundary will be either end of the lifeguarded beach which is designated by large brown posts signed as “end of lifeguarded beach”. 

Wellfleet: The town of Wellfleet’s Duck Harbor Beach on Cape Cod Bay is open to kite surfing all year long. This specifically applies to the corridor the width of the town owned property and extends off shore through the extent of the ¼ mile jurisdiction of Cape Cod National Seashore.





Great news!

Thanks for the update!

Great news. Let's keep

Great news. Let's keep pushing for full access all  year round.

Congrats holly and lawind.

Congrats holly and lawind.  And to all your colleagues. Job well done. That was one long battle .......