pre Hatteras gathering April 18

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pre Hatteras gathering April 18

Masskiting will be at Millers Ale House in Watertown starting at 7PM Tuesday April 18.  Everyone is invited, regardless of whether Hatteras is in your future.  We will talk about kiting, and try to lure some of you to join the amazing trip we are about to embark on (and forget about income taxes)

Can't wait to see you all

Can't wait to see you all there!  Should be another awesome get together.

If people need to organize rides this is a great chance.  Also if anyone has gear to sell or is looking to buy feel free to bring.  I will have a few kites with me :)

Also for the thirsty kiter who gets off work early I may be there a bit before 7 :)

see you all on Tuesday

I got inspired to write this. I thought Masskiters might enjoy it:


In chase of wind we go

Either close or far, if there is wind we don't say no

We slip the wetsuits on and pump up our kites

There are sharks in Chatham, we avoid their hungry bites


From Revere to Chapin to Turks we go

But there is only one journey we all know

Hatteras Island and it's 12 plus hour drive

That's where wind blows in Spring and to kite there we strive


The OBX long-lived Masskiting tradition is strong

I have't kited since last season, it's been too long

I will kite with my buddies and maybe we'll go way downwind

Strong wind and good company is all I need


                                          -Eugene M.


Looking forward to tomorrow's gathering and the trip to OBX!