TD-13 Columbus Day weekend on the Cape

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TD-13 Columbus Day weekend on the Cape

Columbus Day.  It's usually windy.  Let's all kite together on the Cape and call it TD-13!

No big frills.  We call the spot depending on the wind, South winds West Dennis, North winds Chapin.  Bring your friends and family.  Maybe there will be demos.  There will be a WOO jumping contest.  There may be a race.  If there is no wind, bring your SUPs.  Camp at Nickerson, stay with friends, or book a hotel.  Community dinner Saturday night at Billygoats BBQ and talk about all things kiting with your kiting friends.  Sounds nice, right?

FB event page:

.I Love it!

.I Love it!


perfect!  They do live music, do we have a kiter band?

sounds interesting

sounds interesting


WOO has confirmed that they

WOO has confirmed that they are doing some cool contests!

WOO devices will be available for a 1.5 hour window depending on wind. * times announced closer to date. If you have a device, get out there and get at it all day! #TD13 in your session!
:: BIG AIR: ride for 30 minutes and claim your spot on the leaderboard for the day.
:: FREESTYLE: 30 minutes to bust your 5 best scoring tricks using WOO 2.0 scoring system. 

I just booked campsite #128 for Saturday and Sunday night, just to have the option. #stoked

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I booked my site too (#117).

I booked my site too (#117). There are not many sites left so hurry up those who plan on camping.
I'll come with my wife and kid, I need to figure out how to transport everything now, not sure my Outback is big enough for kite + camping gear, toys and 3 people.


FB link no good or page is

FB link no good or page is down?


I wish I could make this! I

I wish I could make this! I've got to rent a uhaul and move furniture for my mother in law in New York. Ugh.

I booked site #113

I'll be bringing my dogs and my woman (need someone to watch the dogs).

Sunday Funday

Just booked a sight for Sunday-Monday.