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Help with our Beaches section

Hey guys,

So we are about to sign with some developers that will help us take the Mk site forward (it's been a year of shopping around and talking to many developers). This build will happen over the next 2 months or so, and will be phased so we will get basic functionality first, and can add cool features later. But one of the base features will be the beaches section, which is why we haven't really built it out to what is used to be as we've seen it as a temporary solution.

We could use some help, mostly with gathering pictures (and videos) on the local beaches, but happy to collect all info people want to share. Here's your chance to help out the community, but most notably take part in what will be the main resource for new kiters in this area as we move into the future.

It'd be great to get some volunteers that could go to the beaches and snap some pictures of the launch areas, hazards, tides, and even videos of doing slow panoramic sweeps of the beaches as if standing at the launch area. If you use your phone, please take the photos or videos in a horizontal format. Below are some beaches off the top of my head... If you would like to help out, send us an email to and I'll put your name next to the beach below so people know it's being covered. We can discuss more details over email or chat. Ideally we should get this content over the next month so we can get it to the developers ASAP.

If you see any beaches on here that you do not think should be on here, notice there are some missing, or have a request for a beach, let us know!

Around Boston:
Revere Beach, Revere
Dog Beach, Nahant
Long Beach, Nahant
Pleasure Bay, South Boston [Jermy]
Winthrop Beach, Winthrop
Yirrell Beach, Winthrop
Nantasket Beach, Hull
Duxbury Beach, Duxbury [Chris Barlow]
High Pines, Duxbury [Chris Barlow]
Long Beach, Plymouth (does anyone ever kite here?)
Nelson Beach, Plymouth
Crane Beach, Ipswich
Wingaersheek Beach, Gloucester

Cape Cod:
West Dennis Beach, West Dennis
Corporation Beach, Dennis
Hardings Beach, Chatham
Waquoit Bay (WB), Mashpee
Kalmus Beach, Hyannis
Great Island / "The Gut", Wellfleet
Wood Neck Beach, Falmouth
Chappaquoit Beach, Falmouth
Mayflower Beach, North Dennis
Chapin Beach, North Dennis
The Cut, Chatham
First Encounter, Eastham

South Shore:
Second Beach, Middletown, Rhode Island
Horseneck Beach, Westport

Martha’s Vineyard:
Aquinah, MV
Vineyard Haven, MV
Menemsha Public Beach, MV
Squibnocket Beach, MV
South Beach, MV
Cape Poge, MV
State Beach, MV

Bass Point, Nantucket
Coatue (other than Bass Point), Nantucket
Jetties Beach, Nantucket
Water Tower, Nantucket
Madaket, Nantucket
Cisco Beach, Nantucket
Pocomo, Nantucket

Rhode Island:
Ninigrit Pond
? - we need some details about beaches in Rhode Island!


Can we make the beaches section a wiki ? or at least have session reports / comments attached to the section? I think this would make all information more accurate, given the ever changing rules

RI has ninigret pond (pond side and ocean side)

The new site is going to be

The new site is going to be exciting!  But basically everything will be connected.Your profile will have session reports you are tagged in, as well as pictures.  But these pictures will also show on the individual beach pages, as will session reports.  Session reports will connect people and pictures and beaches with sessions.  It's what we've wanted to do with Mk for over 5 years now but we couldn't do the coding required to make it happen.  

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There is also Cold Storage on

There is also Cold Storage on the Cape that I can think of. Sandwich maybe too? 


Also to keep in mind... there

Also to keep in mind... there will be some beaches that are kiteable that we may not want to put on here.  These we can discuss at a later time, but many of these will be smaller local beaches without rules. If we put them on the website, people will try to kite there.  Not necessarily a bad thing, but it could lead to getting a beach shut down quicker because no one really kites there and one kook could ruin it with one incident. Then it's the locals that get pissed and blame the website for shutting it down.  This has happened with Mk a bunch in the past, and some beaches we purposely keep off the website.  Just throwing it out there.  We want to list the beaches that people typically kite at, especailly ones that have rules to keep access open and keep people safe.  We don't need a comprehensive list of every beach you COULD kite at ;)

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Yes to the comments and

Yes to the comments and future possibility to wiki. Last time on the old site we used the comments to influence updates. Might be possible to assign a beach to a member for control and update as well for those willing to keep the content, news, warnings current. 

Feel free to use any pics

Feel free to use any pics from my blog. You can click on the "posts by location" and browse through the posts to find pics of most of the local spots. Not always the most informative pics but they might be a help.

Thank you Steve! Good call. 

Thank you Steve! Good call. 

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Are you interested in videos

Are you interested in videos which have already been produced about these beaches?  For example Christophe Lemaire has some great drone vids of Nahant, also some videos of Wingaersheek.  I have covered Pleasure Bay quite a bit, including some Astrophysical wisdom from our own Dr. Terrance Stapleton...  Martha's Vinyard, etc....


Can you just leave little old Rhody alone?  We've got so many problems here and are constantly loosing everything of value to MA and CT.  Just let us at least have that small bit of dignity and enjoyment that is our beautiful beaches...



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